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Member since: Tue Oct 21, 2008, 10:30 PM
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You're DAMN RIGHT I'm politicizing this tragedy!

So, Sean Hannity is "incensed" that people would call for stricter gun control laws this soon after some cowardly prick decides to deprive hundreds of people of their lives and loved ones?

Well, I'm incensed that that steaming-pile-of-horse-shit-with-lips uses his megaphone to defend the gutless idiots in Congress who allow themselves to be purchased wholesale by gun manufacturers.

POLITICS is what allows this madness to continue unabated. It's what will allow the shameless cowards in Congress to soon get away with selling their "yes" vote on a bill to loosen restrictions on silencers so that next time there's a Vegas no one will be able to hide because they won't know where the shots are coming from.

POLITICS is what allows the sick interpretation of the Second Amendment that fuels the continuation of this senseless death. And POLITICS can stop it.

So you're goddamn right I'm politicizing this tragedy, you mindless moron!

And every gun-owner in this country should be politicizing it too. Allowing sick fucks to stockpile weapons and ammo like a squirrel gathering nuts does not help their cause. It just means that they get to have the same second thoughts as the rest of us the next time they want to go to a music festival...or a movie...or kindergarten.

I'm feeling just as outraged and as helpless as the Mayor of Puerto Rico, and her words are just as appropriate here as they are in her own situation. "I am BEGGING you! We are DYING!"

The people who can do something about this idiocy are POLITICIANS. So, tell me Sean, how are we to go about stopping it other than through POLITICS? You say that politicizing this tragedy is "an absolutely despicable display." Well, what I think is absolutely despicable is the carnage on display in Vegas, and the impotent blather coming from your "News" outlet every time the bullets begin to fly.

So, yeah, Sean. I'm politicizing this tragedy. And you should too.

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