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Member since: Tue Oct 21, 2008, 10:30 PM
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ad nauseum alert: another Ann Romney post

I've been putting off contributing my two cents, but in case anyone can stomach any more "Hilary Rosen should never have apologized to Ann Romney" stories, here's mine:

I probably have more in common with Ann than I do Hilary Rosen. I have been lucky enough to stay home and care for my children while my husband earned money for us. (Though, I didn't have nannies and drivers and tutors, etc.) Also, like Ann, I have some health issues that have made things more difficult, but I have good health insurance through my husband's job, so...no complaints.

But here's where we differ:

When I meet women who don't have the fortune that I have had, or even simply have chosen to be the (or a) bread winner for the family, I don't get defensive and critical. I always believed that because I had made the decisions I made, it was sort of my "job" to volunteer at elementary school and help out the kids whose mothers might not have the choices that I have had, or who simply chose differently. When I meet mothers who work outside the home--for whatever reason--I tip my hat and shut the hell up, because there is a good chance that they would do things differently if they had the opportunity.
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