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Member since: Mon Oct 20, 2008, 05:58 PM
Number of posts: 284

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i'm not catholic but i donate

and volunteer for St. Vincent De Paul Society thanksgiving dinners..
they do good work, from my experience. The suggestion that
Ryan step up and ask for donations sounds good to me ...

there are 3 catholic churches in janesville
does anyone know which one ryan is affiliated with??

well said, thanks for the effort

Rmoney has got no time for you.. if you don't pay taxes

If you want to play the game...
pay the entry fee

colbert 2009 ... tip/wag limpballs .. even truer today


hit's it at 2:56 .. but as always, worth the watch from the start

Wasn't Joe supposed to be the "gaffe machine",

Step aside Joe ... let Mitt show you how it's done.

moocho crazy n/t

Wait a second... this SOB sends peoples jobs overseas

totally screws their lives, and then turns around and calls them

lot of brass there ...

Teck Resources Admits Polluting Columbia River For 100 Years; Damage To Be Assessed

hey ... corporations are people too ..
They just don't have to drink the water

Specifically, the company made a legal admission that: "Trail discharged solid effluent, or slag, and liquid effluent into the Columbia River that came to rest in Washington state, and from that material, hazardous materials under (U.S. environmental laws) were released into the environment," Dave Godlewski, vice-president of environment and public affairs for Teck American, said in a telephone interview. The discharges date from 1896 to 1995.|


You would think they would be proud to label their products n/t

LDS has one of the largest Genealogy databases in the world..

now you know why
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