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How can ANY cut of help for the unemployed and others in need even be considered much less

in a budget deal???

Many of the unemployed were dumped when the big banks played screw your neighbor. In addition, businesses took this opportunity to cut jobs, cut wages and benefits. They then held on to their money rather than invest it in the US economy again to help speed the recovery.

The 1% got infinitely richer. They along with many corporations have enough money to pay for legal advice and take advantage of every loophole to avoid taxes. Congress has continued to pass subsidies and who knows what else to give these people more and more help.

However, when it comes to people, the little bit of help they are still getting is constantly in danger. SS and Medicare that is there for all of us is also never off the target list. People have paid taxes for years to help sustain these programs. However, they are painted as handouts and nooooobody better get those.

The least, the last and the lost need our help! Hell, a lot of us are probably in that number in some way. The people in this nation who are making it on some level need to wake the fuck up. A lot are just lucky they aren't having massive problems. It could just as easily be their eggs that got broken. They need to get out of their damn cocoons of judgement and censure and go meet the people who need help. It's not just some stranger they think is gaming the system. It's probably a friend or relative.

This country is no more morally superior than most others. We have kids living on the streets, people going hungry, and too many locked up for nothing. It's time we tried to prove we have any morality at all. I don't want to hear any political bullshit with the temperatures below zero and Christmas coming.

I'm looking at you Christian hypocrites. Jesus is your hype man who fronts for you so people think you have a conscience. You are really Leviticans who wouldn't know Jesus if he came down to you sliding on a rainbow with St.Peter leading the way. Jesus basically said, "Help them." He didn't ask who they voted for, what job they had, or what church they attended. He just helped people and that was what he said too.

So all of you with your creches and "Silent Nights" need to STFU and get a clue about what this season is really all about. NEWSFLASH: It ain't you.

That is my holiday rant. It's the one tradition I have. Have a Happy Holiday!
Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Thu Dec 12, 2013, 07:26 AM (0 replies)

Hey Bama fans! You gonna let this Auburn fan get all the attention? Tide needs to roll....

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Thu Dec 12, 2013, 05:33 AM (0 replies)

The Salvation Army's History of Anti-LGBT Discrimination

In recent years, the Salvation Army has come under fire for its lengthy history of anti-LGBT political maneuvering and other incidents. The church has publicly articulated its belief that homosexuality is unacceptable, stating:

Scripture opposes homosexual practices by direct comment and also by clearly implied disapproval. The Bible treats such practices as self-evidently abnormal. ... Attempts to establish or promote such relationships as viable alternatives to heterosexually-based family life do not conform to God's will for society.

While such statements were recently removed from the Salvation Army's website, the church has yet to repudiate any of its explicitly anti-gay beliefs. And though these positions may seem to be limited to the group's internal doctrines, they've become a persistent element of the church's overtly political activities -- activities which have negatively impacted the Salvation Army's ability to provide charitable services, and have aimed to limit the rights and benefits of LGBT citizens in multiple nations.
These statements completely ignore the reality that the Salvation Army continues to maintain anti-gay theological stances, and continues to discriminate against its own employees and their partners. They also neglect to mention that the organization historically "abides" by anti-discrimination laws by way of shutting down services in areas where such laws apply. The Salvation Army has given no indication that it intends to change any of these anti-LGBT policies.
Much more:

But hey, it's still a-ok to give to them according to some here because???
A little discrimination is no biggie???
Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Thu Dec 12, 2013, 03:52 AM (3 replies)

Rachel Maddow will be a monthly columnist for The Washington Post

We are delighted to announce that Rachel Maddow, host of MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” will be joining The Washington Post’s Opinion section as a monthly columnist. We expect that she will bring to Post readers the strong arguments, sharp wit and thoughtful analysis of political and social issues that have made her show an Emmy Award winner.

Rachel, who has written previously for The Post, is the author of “DRIFT: The Unmooring of American Military Power.” The 2012 book was a national best-seller.

“The Rachel Maddow Show” has been nominated by the Television Critics Association for “Outstanding Achievement in News and Information” four times. Rachel received the 2012 John Steinbeck Award from the Center for Steinbeck Studies at San Jose University. Before becoming an MSNBC political analyst in 2008, she was a host on Air America Radio.

Rachel has a bachelor’s degree in public policy from Stanford University and a doctorate in political science at Oxford University, where she was a Rhodes Scholar. She lives in New York and Massachusetts with her partner, artist Susan Mikula.

Her first column will be published this week.

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Wed Dec 11, 2013, 11:47 AM (13 replies)

Graca Machel bids farewell to late husband Nelson Mandela

Graca Machel bids farewell to late husband Nelson #Mandela at the Union Buildings in Pretoria
Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Wed Dec 11, 2013, 09:16 AM (1 replies)

Pope Francis is Time's Person of the Year.

I think he's a valid winner.

(Heard this on ESPN)
Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Wed Dec 11, 2013, 09:03 AM (91 replies)

Teaching kids who can't read

I taught 7th grade Life Science for several years. When I received my class lists I would look up reading scores. I wanted to know where these kids stood in that area. I found this to be of better use to me than IQ or other measurements. Invariably, I found many with reading levels in 1st through 4th grades. This never failed to distress me. Obviously the books we would use were going to be useless in some ways.

I began to develop my own lesson plans which were based on the scientific concepts they were supposed to be learning. I had worked with a reading teacher to make these lessons function in another way. They were also structured using formats that helped them read and learn to read.

I didn't ignore the books. I didn't want the students to feel that they were too dumb to use them. I also wanted them to become more comfortable using books. If you can't read, a book can be terrifying. It is a real world reminder of what you can't do.

I talked to each class at the beginning about the science books and books in general. I told them were were going to use the books with other material and not as the only source for our class.

While discussing books, I asked them if they were comfortable using them. Many were not and not just because they couldn't read. A lot of them had been humiliated in a class when they were asked to read in front of others. That would really help make someone view reading positively. NOT!

I told them I learned to read with comic books. Somebody read them to me and I began to follow along and then read. Nobody required you to use books to start with. I told them it was very hard for me for a while. The books we had were used as a source to look up items. We did go through some areas and use some of the exercises. It was the best that I could do.

I wish I had the time and talent to make science modules based on comic books. They would have science characters and superheroes to demonstrate the concepts. I am not talking about "Richie Rich" types. I am talking about Justice League and such that would have both female and male parts. The skills and 'weapons' would be scientific concepts and items. Maybe I should try to do one now instead of playing hidden object games as my brain melts.

I believe this would keep the kids from becoming bored to tears. I was bored to tears by the way a lot of things were taught in textbooks. It didn't come alive and was stale and boring. It probably sounds stupid.

So that is what I tried. I don't know if my way worked any better than any other methods used. If even one kid benefitted from it then it was worth it. It seemed to make them less discouraged which gave me hope. Hope is all I had to give back to them to help in the world they were entering.


Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Wed Dec 11, 2013, 08:37 AM (30 replies)

There goes the neighborhood:


Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Wed Dec 11, 2013, 07:22 AM (7 replies)

Accuser's lawyer in Jameis Winston case to hold news conference the day before the Heisman Ceremony:

Accuser's lawyer in Jameis Winston case to hold news conference

The family of the woman who accused Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston of sexual battery will make a statement, through counsel, at a press conference Friday to address the State Attorney's report on the investigation, the accuser's attorney Patricia Carroll said Tuesday.

The press conference will occur one day before Winston is expected to win the Heisman Trophy.

State Attorney William Meggs determined last week there was not enough evidence to pursue charges against Winston. That decision closed the case after it surfaced publicly last month.

The original complaint was filed last December but was made inactive in February.

Gonna be interesting.
I hope she fries Meggs and Winston's attorney Nelson for their glib attitude at the press conference announcing no charges would be forthcoming.

Nelson used many phrases to call the accuser a liar. However, Meggs never said Winston was innocent. He said that in his view there wasn't enough evidence to bring charges. That's a huge difference.

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Wed Dec 11, 2013, 07:06 AM (2 replies)

By Julie DiCaro: Why I believe Jameis Winston's accuser

There were also subtle omissions made all throughout the press conference. While Meggs stated that there were "several people in the room" while the alleged sexual assault took place, he didn't mention that the witnesses were all friends of Winston's, friends who had clearly been well-prepped by Winston's attorney before they ever spoke to the police. In fact, when the witnesses finally agreed to speak to the police, almost 11 months after the alleged sexual assault, they testified in accordance with the affidavits they'd provided to the police, which were also prepared by the office of Winston's attorney. As for Winston? He was never even interviewed by the police. He "declined" through his attorney.

Meggs went on to say that there was no evidence that sex between Winston and the victim was "a forceful act." Sure, that could be true, if you ignore the bruises that a sexual-assault nurse noticed on her left knee and right elbow, the blood in her underwear on her shorts, and the fact that Winston's DNA was found in her panties. And that she called two friends immediately after the encounter; we don't know what she told them, but it was serious enough that one of the friends called her parents and the other called the cops. She also described Winston's apartment accurately. She remembered that he owned a black scooter. From the incident report:

stated the apartment in which the incident occurred was on the first floor. The room where the incident occurred had a broken door that did not shut all the way. The room had a queen size bed with red and gold sheets. The sheets had a polka dot kind of design on them. The bedroom had its own bathroom.

According to she remembers lying on the bed and the suspect taking her clothes off. stated she was "kinda incoherent" and was "just laying there". When he started to have intercourse with her, she stated she told him to stop but wasn't yelling or anything, she was quiet because she felt sick.

stated the suspect started out on top of her but then rolled her over and tried to put her on top of him but she "just laid there", so he rolled her back over. After a little while a male subject she described as a bigger but not taller (than the suspect) black male came into the room and told him to stop. The suspect responded by picking up and carrying her to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom, the suspect told that he could lock that door. He then put her on the ground and continued the assault. After the assault he told her that she "could go now", but then said he'd take her home on the scooter.

All of this, however, wasn't enough for Meggs.

Having spent many years in criminal court, I'm familiar with prosecutors' abiding concern and affection for their conviction rates. Many prosecutors won't take a case to trial unless it's a sure-fire winner. Sadly, real life is not CSI, and slam-dunk cases with rock solid-evidence are rare. If prosecutors believe a victim is credible and a crime took place, their job is to advocate for the victim, build a case, and do their best to put the criminal behind bars. For crying out loud, they are AT LEAST supposed to interview the accused rapist.
More: http://deadspin.com/why-i-believe-jameis-winstons-accuser-1479782169

Posted by Are_grits_groceries | Wed Dec 11, 2013, 06:02 AM (0 replies)
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