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Region Bashing is Rude, Insensitive, and Inappropriate, and Should Not be Acceptable on DU

and Rave

Bashing and broad brushing an entire region of the country, ergo all it's inhabitants, both former and current, with claims of ignorance and racism, is well, bad form and rude. Is it any less appropriate then bashing foreigners or people of other races? Is calling everyone who lives below the Mason-DIxon line ignorant going to benefit anyone? Oh yea, there is that whole superiority complex thing.

Perhaps not everyone is aware that some of us folks down here in the South "been educated" and gave up our KKK memberships too. You may even be surprised to find a Southerner or two who find the KKK despicable, just like the rednecks of the North, South, or West of this country who are bigots, racists, or what have you. As some posters have duly noted, ignorance knows no geographical boundaries. Think now of the Arizona rednecks recently showing off their Obama T-shirt target. So now, we're gonna have to include the West in those regions that should just quietly go away from the good parts of America?

Interesingly enough, I am often on the other side of this North/South argument, especially when it comes to the Confederate flag, which is a big thing amongst folks down here who haven't figured out that particular war is over. My ancestors fought for the Confederacy, and while I don't necessarily derive great pride from this, I don't accept any guilt either. It was after all a hundred and fifty years ago. That said, I despise the Confederate flag today as usually presented and do not hesitate to let people know. While there is a minute group of people who simply see it as Southern heritage, it is more often displayed on the back bumper of a truck owned by a bigoted knuckle-dragging dipshit who couldn't tell you when the damn war happened. And even if you're a Southern history wonk, you should realize the bitterness and ill feelings that this flag represents to many. So I don't buy the whole "it's a history thing" argument from region bashers anymore than I do from the bigots down here who wanna justify flying the stars and bars, because it's Southern history. Words matter and symbols do too.

America is not in it's best shape. We've certainly had better times. The country is as polarized as it has ever been and progressives/liberals are in a fight for our country against the wingnut Right and the corporations. Why would anyone now attempt to devide "us", as in "us against them", into North us vs. South us? While the minutae of history included in the region bashing threads of late may have minimal merit and are worthy of a civil discussion, this is no time to create a chasm between us because of where we reside. Without a better way to say it, that's just fucking stupid.

Oh yeah, and I know a Southerner named Clinton who did some pretty good stuff for the whole United States and he did okay for the Democratic Party too!
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