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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
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He is not done yet trying to cheat the system.

Lying and cheating is the ONLY way he knows how to get ahead.

Thanks for the hard work you do.

A matter of fact demeanor from our poll works is welcomed. Now!

Sad but true. We live in a small town 8,000 total. We have live in the same house since 1980. Voted in the same voting place since 1980. Have the same address and telephone since 1980. Many of the poll workers are folks that we are on a first name basis with. Often we are greeted by "HI my name" and "HI my wife's name". Hi John Hi Sally. For years they would have already located our name BEFORE we finish small talk.

Now of course we have to show our ID etc, etc. Which would be fine IF we weren't smart enough to realize that this is all about VOTER SUPPRESSION. There is no voter fraud as recent news has proven. Trump and Kobach's "voter fraud" committee has already failed and been debunked by the national press.

VOTER SUPPRESSION been the point from the beginning.

Now I carry my ID to get milk and bread.
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