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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
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That ( Kaepernik's treatment) and outrageous salaries is why I stopped watching professional sports.

None! Football, baseball, hockey, basketball and soccer. I do occasionally attend high school sports events.

I don't understand. We bought a new SUV and are shopping for a second home...

hopefully beachfront or mountain top location. With next years tax saving we are finally planning to take that round world trip we have been dreaming of since we got married 48 years ago.

Just think before the GOP tax cut we were living on two Social Security checks. But we have always taken comfort in the medical health care savings plan we managed to squirrel away when we were working. I hope the $1500.00 will take care of future medical issues.

I have a question. Jeff Bezos is officially the riches man in the world.

Why does he put up with this $hit from the bully in the White House.
Why does he allow himself to be pushed around by a person who ONLY respects money.

WHY! doesn't he donate say 10,20,30 billion dollars to a fund legitimate candidates to clean out the GOP lead congress and the strangle hold they have on this country.

AMAZON.... Trump is illegally coming after you. Pull out your checkbook and "go for the jugular". Make him a pauper who will regret the day he attacked a richer man. Wipe the smirk off of his orange face.

Trump is ordering his Postmaster General to double Amazon postal rates. This would in fact affect every rural postal customer who relies on their post office.

For God sake Mr Bezos fight back put the bully in his place. $$money$$ could and would do that.

Give until the Koch brothers say "UNCLE!".

ALL the right wingers are the same...... once they get theirs...

they pull the ladder up behind. Denying others the same opportunities they had.

They come from the heartless-haters citizenry.

If they are congress members the belong to the heartless-hater caucus. Led by Paul Ryan in the House and Mitch McConnell in the Senate.

If she broke laws or colluded with the Russians (treason)

Why should she get a break. IMO pretty and white is not a standard to protect you from the law. Of course she could negotiate a deal for flipping on daddy. Trump will throw her under the bus if he needs to.
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