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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
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IMO that is because their tactics for winning elections don't work after an election

Voter ID doesn't matter in Congress. Everyone has the same ID
Voter suppression isn't the same in Congress every member still get's a vote.
Rigged voting machines are useless. Every important vote is registered.
Caging not in Congress to late.
Social media can have a positive influence. With individual congress members.

The one thing that does work before and after election day are LARGE sums of cash.
Congress members are being bought.

Bottom line they don't get to steal elections one vote at a time in individual wards.... as they do on election day. And apparently the Russians still can't give floor speeches from the well!

Love Samantha Bee's ending with a little Dixie

So mid 1960 sitting in a bar in a southern state. A bar that was within walking distances of the back gate of the military installation I was stationed at.

Sitting there sipping a cold beer enjoy the company and waiting my turn at the pool table.

The juke box is play some favorites including Patsy Cline's "Crazy" (still a favorite today).

Next song queues up and it sound slightly familiar but... just taking a sip on the beer. When I look up from the beer three or four "good old boys" were staring down at me with an obvious issue in mind.

So one fellow says "damn yankee" you GD better stand up when they play Dixie. Oh that's Dixie on the juke box.

I stood, we all sipped our beers and waited for Dixie to pass.

I still have the urge to stand when I hear the first few bars.

Thanks for the memory Sam!

As a former Navy Seal he must know you earn respect!

I won't judge him as I don't know enough about him thru his public statements.

But for the president he has done NOTHING to earn the respect. He spent the weekend Tweeting about NFL players while failing to even start to address the needs of Puerto Rico an American Territory.

The president acts like a grade school play ground bully while Americans in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico are suffering from hurricane damage all around them.

He has not earned my respect or the respect of two thirds of the America people.

Rest in Peace Mom.... you are very brave and you tried.

Someone will have to explain to me what pro-life is.

Graham / Cassidy bill will kill Obamacare as we know it.

Thanks Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy for these bullet points.

1/ #GrahamCassidy eliminates protections for people who are or ever have been sick. GONE. Insurers back to denying coverage for the sick.

2/ Lifetime caps, annual caps, charging older people more - the greatest hits of Trumpcare - all back again in #GrahamCassidy

3/ Medicaid expansion vanishes. Millions will lose insurance, including loads of disabled and children. Many will die without care.

4/ Premiums go up for everyone. 20% in first year alone. Gets way worse after that if you are 50+ or making under 400% of poverty.

5/ Massive funding cuts to states. $4 billion to my little state of CT by 10 year mark. States will either slash programs or raise taxes.

6/ Even if states wanted to keep preexisting condition protections, they can't bc #GrahamCassidy gets rid of individual mandate.

7/ Bottom line: #GrahamCassidy, written in secret, hurts millions, makes every problem in the health care system worse not better.

Something is VERY fishy and yes you are right

the republicans alway (win).... steal the counts to take the power.

IF only!

I'm pretty sure she will never be a republican RW voter.

Good for her. I would say DITTO her remarks.

Wow something is going to pop in the Oval Office when this hit the shelves

AND I'm sure the Congressional offices will have their own levels of outrage to express.

Fitness for the Oval Office. Jebus H Keyrice.......

he knows the most UNFIT person to ever be in the Oval Office for at least the last 100 years.

That gene pool is seriously damaged.
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