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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
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And then send the Trump businesses a bill for all the expenditures

starting with day one of his tenure.

Every F***ing nickel.

If he won't pay sue.

If he won't pay put a lean on any and all properties.

WHAT !! ??


Will gas price skyrocket nationwide.



This is as good a place as any to let out some frustration.

I am a faithful DU reader and sometimes I post replies. Once already today while following a link I was blocked at the front gate (firewall). In this case the the Washington Post. I am not a subscriber and can't afford to be a subscriber to all the possible news sources. My internet browser has ad blocking on as a default. So more and more of what you want to read through to the linked stories will get blocked.

My dad was a newspaper man 80% of his working life. 10% he was a a sailor in WW II and the last 10% he taught printing in a educational setting in a state prison. We grew up reading the papers. He would bring home several copies so we all had the option to read it over breakfast or waiting for the bus.

I understand newspapers run on subscribers and advertising. But when ads become intrusive to the reading of a story that is to much for me. More and more online 'news' sites pepper the stories with pop-up ads that interrupt in mid paragraph with ads leaving the reader searching or waiting to finish the article

In the long run I don't and won't buy from their advertisers. And I won't even waste a moment going to a news site that shove ads in my face.

Local newspapers are starting to go back to covering local news supported by local subscribers and advertisers. Unfortunately many local papers have been bought up by national conglomerates that have national agendas that they are pushing as a matter of editorial policy. That's when local support dies off and local advertising goes away.

The formula that has always worked is being killed by national corporations buying locals and dictating the contents.

Very, very good. Copyright it.

Rumor has it that she was dragged kicking and screaming.....

....... I won't do it!! I'm not apologizing to anyone.

Oh and by the way you pay more in taxes than those that work for a living. GOOD! Hopefully the day will come when you are paying 10 times what you pay now. And there will still be people who work 10 time harder than you and still pay more than their fair share.

Spoiled rotten greedy poor excuse for a human being.

Have a nice day!

What amazes me is that it took so long.

Took so long for them to realize that Liberty University has alway been out of the mainstream for universities. The only liberties I've ever seen from the Falwell's is spoken as hate and contempt for anyone who doesn't agree 100% with them. Using the bible and religion as a weapons for intimidation.

Can we get the Tiki store manager to take over for Trump.....

for the next three years? Please say yes.

Why is this not domestic terrorism?

Veterans remember your oath. "Support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic".

The Republican party owns this for so, so many reason. For letting Trump spew hate speech. For letting Trump incite violence. For the travel ban citing potential terrorist from Muslim countries. For so many other blatant examples of hate centered in the Trump White House.

The evidence is clear the threats are coming from within our borders. And the president is the one with blood on his hands.

IMO Walker doesn't give a r$ts a$$ if....

we the citizens and taxpayer in Wisconsin ever break even. He only want to use this outrageous expenditure of billions to buy himself another governorship.

The republicans have been screaming there is no money for schools, infrastructure repairs, investments in communities to encourage development. No money for anything... but 3 billion to buy re-election.
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