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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 4,786

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What is this WE s**t you got a mouse nesting in your hair do?

Are are you, the boys and Ivanka...headed to the front lines?

Remember thousand of our US troops and already within missile striking distant of North Korea.

North Korea is lead by an absolutely crazy dictator. Who has never shown compassion for others. Others who might die so he can pat himself on the back.

COME TO THINK OF IT we are in the same crazy world with a crazy leader with NO compassion.

So hopefully our military leaders will refuse to strike North Korea in an undeclared war without Congressional consent.

The UCMJ clearly states a military member may refuse to follow an unlawful, illegal order (undeclared war).

Unbelievable testimony, well that pulled a lot of lose threads together

For anyone who is doubting the Trump-Russian investigation. Read and/or watch this.
For anyone who doubts the Trump Jr meeting for adoption discussion. Read and/or watch this.
For anyone who has heard about the Pee Pee tape and doesn't know how it fits in. Read and/or watch this.
For anyone wonders what all the talk about Russian sanctions are. Read and/or watch this.
For anyone wonders about all of the unexplained deaths of folks close to this investigation. Read and/or watch this.
For anyone who wonder how Trump could be involve and how. Read and/or watch this.
For anyone wonders what does Putin want? Read and/or watch this.
To learn about the Global Magnitsky Act. Read and/or watch this.
Warning Trump's likely replacement for to head the DOJ Criminal Investigation unit is connect to the Russians Read and/or watch this.
Much, much more. Read and/or watch this.

So he is contemplating premeditated manslaughter at a minimum?

When he should be saying the country has spoken so lets do the best we can to fix what is wrong and make a healthcare system the country can be proud off. But he won't.

There is sickness in this country and it starts in the oval office and is extremely contagious. You might say it's the new plague transmitted by the same vector..... rats.

McTurtle has the years mixed up and the healthcare bill that was being worked on.

When the democrats were trying to provide the country with national healthcare. Trying to provide access for all. Trying to help all Americans it was the GOP who did everything they could to obstruct. In congress in the red states with billionaires money they have tried to kill Obamacare.

The truth is it's the GOP and their overlords that have hinder making the ACA better and more affordable.

As an ex-military medic and based on public information

about Rep. Scalise injuries.

I would predict that this isn't his last hospitalization due to ongoing complications from his bullet wounds.

I would also bet that his life will never be the same after his bullet wounds.

And finally I would say he better stay on the taxpayer paid insurance he has because his pre-existing condition(s) will haunt him if the republicans manage to kill Obamacare.

I would like to think this request I wrote and faxed to John McCain's office

would be met by the Maverick. He has and opportunity to retire as a hero or a bum.

Senator McCain I'm sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. And wish you well. I would ask you at this time in your life when the need for medical care is obvious. I would ask that you consider your fellow Americans need for health care and that you consider this vote the last mission of your long career. Please vote to fix the ACA by not voting to repeal and replace. Let one of your last acts as a Senator be a heroic act. Vote NO on the Senate bill AND speak out loud and clear be the Maverick again. Tell McConnell NO it is done no more Repeal and Replace. Move on. Work to fix the ACA. What possible punishment could anyone threaten you with. Retire with honor give your fellow Americans a going away gift of health care. Go home be with family and fight the cancer. As a fellow veteran I ask you to vote for the greater good. Save healthcare.

Wouldn't it be totally ironic if a legal document written

to attack the Clintons were to become the foundation to charge Trump.

Get Well President Carter.

You are the best example of helping others as a lifelong commitment.

You have earned a rest. Please take it and get healthy again.

Great post... but the repugs have proven they have to be reduced

to one liners. Bumper sticker thoughts.

He did already!

Have you seen his tax returns? Hell NO. Let's start there show me yours we will (state laws allowing) show you our. But until we see you tax returns. You and your commission are out of luck.
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