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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 4,786

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No sh*t without objection. GDit democrats have you learned nothing in 8 years

Obama was obstructed at every step. Stop being nice. Nice is being stupid. It's an alley fight bring a GD shovel to bury the remains.


EVERYBODY on the same page. Daily unified talking points. I'll be with you dems UNTIL it fragments into chaos. Then I'm gone.

No more ... sign this petition and that petition as a way to get me on a mailing list to raise money to keep you in office to continue to do nothing. Here is a simple lesson. Remember GOD-GAYS-GUNS that put the R's where they are. We need the same focus. CLEAN WATER- ENVIRONMENT - HEALTHCARE as and example. Get those issues on ballot initives for every election to get supporters to the polls. I told you what I think I hope you are listening.

Add this to watch Trump and his followers heads explode...

Gleaned from a facebook post. From Tim @timgostony

"Obama should resign a day early making Biden the 45th President of the United States.... just to ruin all of Trump's 45th merchandise."

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