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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 4,789

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Gone for months. RM has become a use to be.

She has taken a great career and made it into just another talking head. Hopefully she will find a job in academia where she will again focus on truths.

We used to watch MSNBC. We used to watch Rachel.

But a little better than a year ago I thought Rachel was losing her edge. She moved in the repetition stage. The same story line of the night the A block I think they call it. Se would go on and on telling it one way than another than yet another. It got annoying. And insulting. Rachel I GET IT! move on. Finally I have to credit her with pushing me over the edge. The edge that got me to cut the damn cable. No more BS feeds. NO more paying for BS feeds. I believe Rachel hit her peak then moved passed it to the down slope side of the curve.

How can you tell when Trump has a real meltdown?

Does the orange start to melt drip down his forehead, nose, and cheeks? Final dripping off his chin? Otherwise any time he gets in front of a TV camera or radio mic he has some type of "meltdown". The rest of us would call it a delusional rant. But ok meltdown. But how do we separate the mini from the maxi meltdowns?

I don't know if you are the only one BUT

if she is guilty of one tenth of the things she is accused of than she should have been pushed out months ago. I do not feel sorry for her. She brought a lot of it on to herself. She clearly didn't see Bernie as an equally viable candidate. She has always seemed to me to be only a Hillary supporter. I know how rabid some Clinton supporter have become. They cannot be reasoned with. Trump wrongfully suggest that there was nothing he could do even in a public venue that his supporters would abandon him for. I think for some Hillary supports that is also true.

Could someone remind me what happen to the Hitler loyalist after Germany surrendered....

my memory seems to think that none of them had much of a life after the fall of Hitler. This picture will surely comeback a to bite this crazy be..atch. It's could be her Jane Fonda moment. Some will never forget or forgive.

Wisconsin's turn to pack it in....

of course with Walker, the WI AG and a Supreme Court all bought and paid for. It might take a little more time and if history is any indicator several million additional taxpayers dollars to have the AG fight the SCOTUS decision.
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