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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
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Thank you for telling your story and....

with it making a wonderful counter argument to the lies often told about tissue and organ harvesting from individuals who have died. May God bless you and your child for the gift of life to others.

Same group of assholes on the GOP side of the chamber.

I sure hope there is a judgement day.



Well here is a little nugget: Kasich was the CEO of Lehman Brothers in 2008

CEO when they declared bankruptcy that started the crash of the US markets quickly followed by the international markets. He walk away with $600,000 while 1000s lost billions in their 401k and other stock market investments.

Additional nugget: Jeb Bush was on the board of Lehman's when it crashed. He walked away with $1.6 million and a seat on the board of what was left of Lehman's

Bull! If it was suspicious looking they should have / would have evacuated the school....

the suspicious-looking item was a 14 year old Muslin. I'm not surprise the school is racist give the Mayor of the town has openly suggested Sharia law is threatening their community.

When NPR started to go to Fox Lite mode......

... I put away my checkbook, changed all the quick set buttons on my radio and bought a satellite radio with the money I spent supporting NPR. Now I can choose what I listen to. My choice used to be NPR, RW talk radio or country / rock music.
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