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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 4,893

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Make that two middle aged white guy (& veteran)

who support Obama. And to all those repugs who say he hasn't accomplished anything I say fuck you for obstructing Obama and the American people.

What politicians need to do is live....

under the same set of laws, rules and benefits that they legislate for the rest of us.

NO special perks. None!

Change that and we can all breath a little easier.

Are we finally going into the alley......

....it's about F..ing time.

Since the theft of the 2000 elections I have been waiting and posting about the need for Democrats to drag their political opponents into the metaphorical alley and beat the ever loving piss out of them to send them crawling out of the alley bloody and beaten so they know that are in a fight. All metaphorically speaking of course.

We need to stop being nice guys who play by the rules and who accept defeat with a smile. All that has gotten us is more defeat and more outrageous behavior by the repugs.

If we loose and our knuckles are bloody I'm fine with that as long as the opponents "injuries" allows us to say "you should have seen the other guy."

If Harry Reid is lying about Romney not paying 10 years of taxes I say fine it's about time. For all of Obama's Presidency the repugs have been screaming let's see your papers.

It's about time we grab the repugs by their throats and say to Mittens lets see you F...ing tax returns.

No more nice guys.
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