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Member since: Mon Sep 15, 2008, 10:33 AM
Number of posts: 472

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Did we not learn that incarceration of a whole class of people will leave a red mark in history.

We as a country incarcerated Japanese families during World War II. The history books will not let us forget that good people looked away and let it happen.

The Nuremberg Trials held the Nazi responsible for inhuman atrocities to an entire class people. The history books will not let us forget that good people looked away and let it happen.

The history books will not let us forget that 45th president of the U.S. and the Republican party incarcerated thousand of children for political gain. And that his party including Congressional leaders looked away and let it happen. They looked away and lied about the justification for separating families seeking asylum. They look away and lied by weaponizing passage from the bible. They lied and blame the entire program of tearing children as young as infants away from their mothers and families on an opposition political party.

History will mark this dark moment. And it will name the those who perpetrated these atrocities.

How are we any different than those in other countries who, in the name of religion, terrorize innocent people.

We are creating a new generation of people who will hate Americans and seek revenge on future generations.

A vicious cycle.

With all due respect to readers who aren't as enraged about this as

I am I apologize for the following.

FUCK YOU..... D.J.T. May you and all your poisonous offspring end up broke and in federal prison for your treasonous acts.

And may any republican who FAILED to condemn this crazy idiot be voted out of office and seen by the county as cowards and co-conspirators to this idiot.

Where in the U.S. CONSTITUTION does it say that the bible

has any influence or standing for a sworn U.S. official to state "Romans 13: obey the laws of the Government because God has ordained the government for his purposes"

AG Session is an idiot! And if ANYONE should know what his job is as AG it should be the AG.
2. He is the American Citizen (The Peoples) attorney
3. He was not given the job to preach scripture to the people.
4. He needs to respect the established relationship of church an state as it is spelled out in the First Amendment.

The first amendment to the US Constitution states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof" The two parts, known as the "establishment clause" and the "free exercise clause" respectively, form the textual basis for the Supreme Court's interpretations

5. Finally he needs to resign if he can understand the simple principle.

Don't you just love these GOP folks who make the Second Amendment say more that it does and ignore the clear First Amendment. Both to make their personal / religious beliefs have the force of law. Falsely bending both 1 & 2 for delusional believes of a few. In stark contrast to the realistic views of the majority.

What this country needs is a cyber wall surrounding all incoming internet traffic.

Individuals do not have the capacity to out smart cyber hackers. We need the government to take responsibility for protecting our internet connected devices and the traffic that passes through them.

When we see reports (after the fact) of foreign adversaries attacking our voting systems, our power grids, our military hardware and software, our private personal data, US companies trade secrets and now hijacking a private individuals router to be use as a gateway to further attack other internet users. We should all see this a cyber warfare.

We don't need concrete and steel walls to prevent people fleeing from oppressive terrorist attacks in their home countries from seeking asylum in America.

WE NEED cybersecurity to protect US interests and US citizens from illegal activities from foreign and domestic enemies.

AND hopefully children will not be shot in their schools.....

if their voter registration tour is successful.

Good one!

She signed under duress. She earned the right to speak as "Valedictorian" .

The last lesson the school felt they were going to TEACH her was censorship.

Maybe they should have considered the parents of underclassmen deserved to know that the school environment is not safe for all kids. Threats exist and they could be ignored.

That ( Kaepernik's treatment) and outrageous salaries is why I stopped watching professional sports.

None! Football, baseball, hockey, basketball and soccer. I do occasionally attend high school sports events.

I don't understand. We bought a new SUV and are shopping for a second home...

hopefully beachfront or mountain top location. With next years tax saving we are finally planning to take that round world trip we have been dreaming of since we got married 48 years ago.

Just think before the GOP tax cut we were living on two Social Security checks. But we have always taken comfort in the medical health care savings plan we managed to squirrel away when we were working. I hope the $1500.00 will take care of future medical issues.

I have a question. Jeff Bezos is officially the riches man in the world.

Why does he put up with this $hit from the bully in the White House.
Why does he allow himself to be pushed around by a person who ONLY respects money.

WHY! doesn't he donate say 10,20,30 billion dollars to a fund legitimate candidates to clean out the GOP lead congress and the strangle hold they have on this country.

AMAZON.... Trump is illegally coming after you. Pull out your checkbook and "go for the jugular". Make him a pauper who will regret the day he attacked a richer man. Wipe the smirk off of his orange face.

Trump is ordering his Postmaster General to double Amazon postal rates. This would in fact affect every rural postal customer who relies on their post office.

For God sake Mr Bezos fight back put the bully in his place. $$money$$ could and would do that.

Give until the Koch brothers say "UNCLE!".
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