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Gender: Male
Hometown: Massachusetts
Member since: Sun Sep 14, 2008, 06:48 PM
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The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden -TIME (NYTimes nearly blew it!)

"The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden" TIME Cover Story (May 7 2012) by Graham Allison and Peter Bergen


Must read forthcoming TIME cover story of the lead-up to finding and taking out bin Laden. Allison's reporting is a particularly compelling narrative of President Obama's agonizing decision process and the desperate means to keep the plans secret to insure success.

This passage was eyeopening, regarding the timing of the release of the WikiLeaks documents. That COULD have ruined the chances of getting bin Laden in his compound in Abbottabad a year ago:

"Less than a week before D-Day, on April 25, WikiLeaks' Guantanamo files appeared on the front page of the NewYork Times, citing thousands of pages of classified material it had put up on the Web. One of the documents came from the interrigation of the individuals from whom the CIA had learned the identity of bin Laden's courier and pointed to Abbottabad as a likely refuge for al-Qaeda.
"Had bin Laden's protectors read the Times closely, and thus inferred that the U.S. had learned the identity of the courier, the house could have been empty when the Seals arrived"
Posted by FailureToCommunicate | Fri Apr 27, 2012, 10:22 AM (10 replies)

Cool story.

Did you ever write about it (the less incriminating parts at least)?

I somewhere have a many page account I wrote later about that weekend.

At a recent dinner party we discovered there were three of us that had gone to Woodstock: Myself as a more or less normal high school kid, another who was there as part of the Hog Farm collective, and a third guy who had hitchhiked there, looked around at all the 'long haired freaks' and decided to give away his ticket, turn around and walk away! Of course he admitted he has been ribbed mercilessly for that decision ever since!


Posted by FailureToCommunicate | Sun Apr 8, 2012, 05:21 PM (1 replies)

THAT is cool! As far as the $150K price...Mitt Romney makes that every two days...

Just saying.

High cost should not automatically be a barrier to assistive technology innovation. Look at how many billions year in and year out we taxpayer throw at the Pentagon to waste on devices who only purpose is to kill, or disable people such that they need artificial legs or arms...

(Sorry for the rant. Seen too many disabled vets)
Posted by FailureToCommunicate | Tue Apr 3, 2012, 10:18 AM (0 replies)

"Friends recall Micah True: passionate and playful"

"When he was out on the trail running, it was like someone just rang the school bell and said, 'Recess.' It was utter playfulness," recalled Chris McDougall, a friend of True's and author of the nonfiction best-seller "Born to Run."

True's body was discovered Saturday evening in a remote part of southern New Mexico's Gila Wilderness. The search began for him days earlier after he failed to return Tuesday from a 12-mile run.

He was found near a cold stream, his legs still in the water and his water bottle next to him, about a mile southeast of the Gila Cliff Dwellings.


"Chances are I'm either running up a mountain, or I'm drinking a cerveza ..."

That message was on Micah True's answering machine. Unfortunately this time he didn't return from 'a little 12 mile' morning run.
Friends who had spent days searching in the desert took solace that he died doing what he most loved. A friend noted that Micah idea of a good funeral for him would probably have been to have his fellow distance runners spend days running the remote trails he so loved doing...

If you have not read "Born To Run" yet I highly recommend it. Micah True (as "Caballo Blanco" is a central character in a very compelling true story that would make nearly anyone want to try running again...just for the shear joy of it.
Posted by FailureToCommunicate | Tue Apr 3, 2012, 09:56 AM (2 replies)
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