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Member since: Fri Sep 12, 2008, 11:43 AM
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Tea Party Unleashes On John Boehner (The Republican't Internecine War Is ON!)

OK liberals, so now that we have a government again, I thought I’d suggest a little relaxing entertainment for us all. Grab some popcorn and a cold beverage and join me in the spectator sport called, the Republican Civil War, currently taking place on John Boehner’s Facebook wall. It seems that following the vote to lift the debt ceiling and reopen the government on Wednesday night, an already fractured and confused Republican party decided to start eating its own. And the conservative voters were right there to pounce on the easy prey.

Sit back and enjoy….

• Grow some balls!!! You rat-bastard sellout


• I am flying my Confederate Flag upside down and at half-staff because of RINOs like Boehner who caved to a Kenyan Hawaiian Muslim Atheist Bankster Rastafarian Communist.

• Hey dumb ass. You no longer have our support. Don’t try to convince yourself otherwise.

• Drop dead traitor. Anyone that supports a 17 trillion dollar debt, no to climb more, aiding every Islamist regime in the middle east, a so called healthcare plan that destroys private healthcare and has 20 new taxes breaking the middle class back and is designed for nothing more than total government control is an entitlement minded American-hating uninformed LEECH!

• I would call you a snake, but at least a snake has a spine!


• May you rot in hell you sell-out piece of trash!

• Are you kidding me right now?? Go Fuck Yourself Boehner!

• You pussed out again, didn’t you? I’d rather have Tip Oneal as speaker of the house than you right now.

• You are disgusting! RINO!

• I can't believe they let you stay in the party, let alone the speaker. Go to hell asshole!

• BULLSHIT!! You sold us out!! You spineless coward! You are a complete dumb fuck, a failure, AND a fraud.

• I hope you and the rest that caved get tea-partied in the next elections…may your own self interest be the death of your political career.


• Stick House rule 368 up your ass and spin on it.

• You are the worst human being currently alive. Do the world a favor and slink back under the rock you were born under. Your very existence is a tragedy.

• Go crawl in a hole and STFU! Happy Retirement!

• Asshole Sellout! You put Judas to shame!

• Hey Benedict, they’re having a special on group impeachments and your name has risen rather high on the list.

• Folded like warm laundry, didn't you? How pathetic.

• Really? REALLY?? go have another drink and fake tanning session you leather-skinned drunk.

• It’s not really Speaker Boehner, but Squeaker and Whiner Boehner. You want a pat on the back? A slap on the head would be more appropriate.

• Gutless duchebag. You lying sack of crap JACKASS!

• YOU SIR, ARE WHAT WE LIKE TO CALL AN ASS-HAT! You and your GOP scum can go suck it! Time to retire you antique leather piece of crap!


• So what good does Obama and his thugs have on you? Prostitution? Drug abuse? You’re gay? You a pimp? Come clean already you POS!

• I didn't see a fight at all. All I saw were our representatives bending over and grabbing their ankles.

• YOU ARE A TRAITOR! You should switch parties immediately and give Nancy the hammer back. At least we’re sure where she stands. And she has some brass balls. You, sir, have none.


• You suck! Turn in your man card!

• Jesus you’re horrible. You democrat/communist enabling fuckwad.

• Does anyone know where I can get some coolaid the Democrats drink? Fuck my party!!

Fun, right??…I know. At the time I wrote this, there were almost 22,000 comments on Boehner’s last post alone.

Now, here’s something else for you crazy liberal kids. I found this great little site for you to send all of your really pissed off teabagger friends and family BEFORE you point them to Boehner’s Facebook page. It’s called the Tea Party Insult Generator. Check it out…


From Liberals Unite.

Watch Veterans Scold Sarah Palin: ‘Republicans Closed the Gov’t!’, ‘You’re an Idiot!’

Sarah Palin thought she had struck gold when the opportunity presented itself to shamelessly hijack a Veterans protest at the World War II Memorial in Washington DC this week in order to further her own political aspirations.

Unfortunately for her, these veterans did not take kindly to having their protest co-opted by a failed presidential candidate and quitter who gave up her post as Governor of Alaska in order to take a multimillion dollar deal with FOXNews.

Just as she was in the middle of cynically rewriting history by claiming that it is the President Obama and Democratic Party, and not the intransigent Tea Party House Republicans, who are using our veterans and military as “pawns’ and are responsible for the reckless shutdown of The People’s Government which led to the closing up the World War II Veterans Memorial in D.C., one Veteran correctly shouted, “Republicans closed the government!”, followed by another Veteran appropriately scolding her, “You’re an idiot!”

They couldn't be more right. One has to wonder if Palin is aware of just how badly she is projecting her cynical pandering to Veterans on President Obama.

She complains about Democrats using Veterans for political gain as she makes a political speech at war memorial in order to make a political gain. Fortunately, these Veterans did not let her get away with it.

Please watch the video of the exchange below and spread Sarah Palin and the Republican Party’s shame on social media forums so that we can amplify these brave Veterans’ message.


Evidence Of Faux News' Aiding & Abetting The Seditious Terrorist Insurgency Is Still Live Online...

... and available for everyone to see: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2009/04/08/welcome-foxnews-anti-tax-tea-party-coverage/

And further down the page, irony...

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