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Profile Information

Name: Renee
Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Columbia South Carolina
Member since: Wed Sep 3, 2008, 11:19 PM
Number of posts: 7,160

Journal Archives

67% percent of OWF cases in Ohio are child only cases (Welfare Reform Failure)


It's a long but sad read some have faced their 36 month time limit and left their kids with other people in order for them to get life's basic needs met.

I think welfare reform is a failure at least Ohio's model is.

I really don't get how Wilson gets by not filling out an incident report.

I have been a security officer as well as a loss prevention officer. I can't count the number of incident reports I have personally filled out. If someone required anything as little as a band-aid I had to fill out an incident report. I took a class on interviewing and report writing. I was never a cop I went to class with plenty of cops though. I imagine there had to have been a report written on the day of Mike Brown's murder. I called a good friend of mine in South Carolina who is LEO there he says this guy wrote an incident report or the CoP is derelict if he didn't require one. They are lying out their ass if they say there is no incident report involving a discharge of a weapon, and a fatal one at that. This is an ongoing cover-up and a lot of people need to be in handcuffs on the FPD.

I haven't allowed myself to comment because nothing I have to say is nice

I can't believe what I'm seeing here in the U.S.A I am considering going to stand in solidarity with my brothers and sisters. This is a damn shame and not all like Americans should act. Cops acting like the military it's insane and the cops in Ferguson are a bunch of fucking liars and most of them need fired. According to Dr. Baden's autopsy the shooter should be charged with murder in the first.

I have to share an observation from a 77 year old Southern Ohio Democratic party member

Politics have gone from a mostly mature debate on the issues, sometimes becoming heated, to a room full of adults stuck with a bunch of toddlers who are holding the adults hostage. (The toddlers are obviously the Republicans.)

Have you had a republican family member stop talking to you?

They are always saying they have family values, but I have met so many people in the Democratic party that had a family member or more shun them. The Gop also doesn't compromise which is a family value, if anything they are anti-family values.

I was denied ssdi again it's denial number two

I have 4 kids I have to use a walker my back is very messed up. I also have copd, diabetes, high blood pressure and severe depression is setting in I have lost 5 people in 18 mos. I am trying so hard to reach out to an agency that I paid into for help and keep getting slapped down. I really don't get it my PCP and my other specialists gave them all my records. I visited 5 different doctors they sent me to. I don't know how much longer I can go on here without financial help from them.

To all you House Republicans a Bible lesson for your vacation

You do still have time for Jesus right?
Please open your Bible to Matthew chapter 25 verses 31-46!!
These words of Jesus are what you need to get into heaven if you believe in the Jesus I was taught about in Catholic Schools. Also on the refugee crisis on the border you should read Matthew 19:14 thank you that's all for now next week we will talk about a camel, rich folks, and the eye of a needle. I don't want to overload you this week.

Republicans contradict themselves so much I've lost track of how much.

The latest is suing the President for using executive power (for something they wanted). Then telling him yesterday to use executive power to solve the border crisis.

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