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Profile Information

Name: Renee
Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Columbia South Carolina
Member since: Wed Sep 3, 2008, 11:19 PM
Number of posts: 7,160

Journal Archives

From Bad to Worse

I'm facing eviction and they are going to shut off my electricity. Then I found out yesterday that my hero my father has a large mass in his lung with a high serum calcium level. He's always been the rock in our family and I am nowhere near ready to say goodbye.

Sick of truthers in all forms

So tired of the selfish bullshit of those who claim everything is a conspiracy to take away their rights. They have now crossed the line that should have never been crossed they are harassing victims families. I just hope karma deals with their pathetic asses soon. I have blocked each and every low-life scum who posted Aurora or Sandy Hook Hoax bs on facebook. I also blocked the idiots who post about Benghazi. I have half as many friends but I'm sure it will help my blood pressure.

Should there be a limit on free speech?


By Martin Hackworth

Iíve spent a lot of time through the years defending free speech. The best cure for an exercise of poor speech, Iíve long maintained, is an exercise of better speech. Lately Iím not so sure. Given that the right of free speech seems abused more than not, maybe we ought to think about the entire concept. Perhaps we are, as a culture, just not yet sufficiently mature for such a privilege.

Just recently Iíve encountered more than enough banal, hateful, stupid, deceitful and harmful abuse of free speech. A Facebook memorial for 6-year old Emilie Parker, who was killed in the Sandy Hook shootings, was vandalized by truthers and second amendment purists. Westboro Baptist Church is up to their antics again, picketing funerals of soldiers and memorial services for the victims of the Sandy Hook shootings. The anti-vaccination crowd are doing their mightiest to revisit plague and suffering on children everywhere, and to return us to that notably wonderful era in history, the middle ages. Noted geography and climate-change expert Sarah Palin, no longer a pundit, has not yet begun to fight. The foreign-born Muslim terrorist known as Barack Obama, who was illegitimately elected President of the United States by not once, but twice, by over 60 million voters, is coming for everyoneís guns. Bigfoot popped up in Oregon and is coming to a podiatry conference in New England. A University of Wisconsin student and Green Bay Packers cheerleader, Kaitlyn Collins, was ridiculed for her looks and taunted with graphic suggestions of sexual abuse by knuckleheads on a Chicago Bears fan site. On this last point, though I am no Packers fan, Kaitlyn Collins looks like a completely pleasant and wonderful young person to me. If Kaitlyn were my daughter, there might be a few Chicago Bears fans out there running around with a broken-off foot in their fannies. Free speech or no.


Just a few stories about shootings in Central Ohio




So sad and senseless

OMG this is beyond anything I could have imagined they would do

A friend of mine told that people were on Emilie Parker's Facebook Memorial page making ugly comments, so I went to look and what I saw there was beyond hate and ugliness. Those poor parents are being accused of being actors, and some say the little girl is really alive. These "people" are soulless losers. I am shocked I knew there were crazies but didn't think they would attack a little girl's family on a memorial page.

These people are pure EVIL

I am just stunned

This type of bs makes me sick


the comments not the list
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