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Profile Information

Name: Renee
Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Columbia South Carolina
Member since: Wed Sep 3, 2008, 11:19 PM
Number of posts: 7,160

Journal Archives

Does Your Family Have A Holiday Tree?

Has Faux News went into complete meltdown yet???

I bet many heads exploded over Give Em Hell Harry's Decision today I Love This Democratic backbone Hats Off To You Democratic Sentators who voted for this

When are we going to call the Congressional GOP Welfare Bums?

That is what they are because they are collecting taxpayer money to sit on their asses planning to do NOTHING They are bold enough to have a blank page for their 2014 agenda. We ought to be bold enough to say they are all bottom feeding Welfare Bums!!!

Presidential Medal Of Freedom Recipients


Among the recipents were President Bill Clinton, Oprah Whinfrey and 14 more

I just pissed off another teabilly with a link that kills them to admit it's true


I wanted major in Political Science but never got the chance

perhaps at 44 I should do it now. It's not too late is it? I have 5 kids who live in this country and my example may now count for something I've been working in a Democratric HQ's since I was 7. I know a little and love politics. What do you all think?

I am very disturbed by the T-shirts My elementary school children

are being asked to buy it Says "We Bleed Red and Gray" they are $12. I am not sure how to begin to address this craziness. The School Colors are red and gray but the shirt still disturbs the hell out of me. a color copy can be seen at mrhuffman.proboards.com inside the STARS folder.

For everything I've lost this year the thing I have not lost

is my knowledge but gained it Knowledge is the one thing you can not take from me or anybody else. It is an important lesson that my children and I are learning. Thank Cosmos for DU!!! It has been so much easier to have friends who have walked in my shoes who understand suffering.
Or my friends who have compassion for the suffering this planet needs more progressives. We don't need the tea party regress ives. The more I see of them the more I see they don!t care about others pain unless it!s to inflict more suffering. They are part of the reason my children are suffering. I wish I had money I'd back every progressives running in this state. So sorry about the edits I can not see what I am typing on this little screen

I love love love these Democratic wins!!!!!

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