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Profile Information

Name: Renee
Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Columbia South Carolina
Member since: Thu Sep 4, 2008, 12:19 AM
Number of posts: 7,160

Journal Archives

Turn off the TV and GOTV



If you live in a solid state please consider going to barackobama.com and making some phone calls for us to Ohioans

I'm going to go do my last bit of canvassing and or phone calling until polls close Love You DU and Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Desperation on the funny farm GOBAMA they know it's over

I have a "friend" from high school who has totally gone off the rails He has been pushing his idea that President Obama and Governor Christie worked together to derail the sure election of Mitt Romney with a weather machine called haarp He posted this pic this morning
and I busted out laughing My husband thought I'd gone mad til I showed it to him knowing the person's views, he then was cracking up
So I thought I'd share

Hell Yes Mitt I voted out of revenge

for the horrible hell we have been through for 4 years

from Mr Joe (you lie) Wilson to all the fools walking around with misspelled signs. Half the Government obstructing almost everything delaying much needed recovery for the American People.

I hope you bastards all have nervous breakdowns tomorrow night

Today has been a great day!!!!!!!!!!!! Except I heard a new Romney Lie

We certainly have enthusiastic voters in the Buckeye state

I only had one weird encounter from an older woman who informed me that all Americans will have to pay a $5000 mandatory tax in order to receive Healthcare. I said mam somebody misinformed you and explained that her medicare was not in danger either. She said well my daughter told me she is a devout Christian and her pastor told her that. This Pastor is a man of God and wouldn't lie. I said yes mam I am sure he is but he was lied to. So finally I thanked her for her time and hung up. These people are being told all kinds of lies and I had never heard that one before.

Is Everybody Fired Up and Ready To Go???? GOBAMA Let's do this Ohio!!!!!!!!!!

I will be canvassing today until my kids get home from school, then I will be at home making as many phone calls as I can in the awesome Buckeye State!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow I will do whatever they need me to do to help my President be reelected!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How can anyone not love the POTUS and FLOTUS??

by far the coolest I have seen in my lifetime here are a few clips



I'm going out canvassing today, tomorrow, and election day

I'm feeling good about the Buckeye State!!! Ohio is going to the President!!!!!


Do you think Romney knows they are done?

I watched The Clinton Years and they were saying they knew they had won on Saturday, and that was before early voting. So do you think both Camps know by now? I think President Obama looked confident and Romney's wife looked like she had just lost her best friend.

Jeez I was over at Freeptown

They are sharpening their knives saying horrible things about Governor Christie things I never read here even when gave his keynote at the RepugCon

It really made me sad to realize there is so much hate in those people and on Facebook they are posting nasty comments on his Wall

They are Domestic Terrorists
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