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Profile Information

Name: Renee
Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Columbia South Carolina
Member since: Thu Sep 4, 2008, 12:19 AM
Number of posts: 7,160

Journal Archives

The Love of Guns Trumping The Love of Humanity

Making any and every lame excuse they can unearth just to hold onto their toys I am very disappointed but very hopeful that the tide is turning and a majority of Americans are seeing the error of our ways. Most of us want to live in peace and harmony loving one another.

If I had one wish this Christmas

it would be that gun nuts would stfu and just try to put themselves in the shoes of a family member who has lost a loved one to gun violence I am so sick of these selfish people who think their rights trump all other persons rights

Soledad O'Brien has me bawling again

She broke down reading a mother's eulogy to her son I think everyone in this Country who has any semblance of a heart is deeply disturbed and mad as hell at the same time I know I am This can't be it has to stop NOW

Jonathan Alter on The Ed Show

These shootings happen in churches last time I checked they haven't taken prayer out of churches

The best response I have heard to the folks blaming prayer being taken out of schools

One little girl played dead



This Tragedy Has Hit Me So Hard

I can't watch too much at a time and my mind can't go there either I have 4 kids in public school maybe that is part of it or maybe it's because some monster took 20 babies out because he had access to weapons to do that and I can't wrap my mind around someone killing children. or maybe it's because I am so fucking sick of innocent blood being spilled because of someone's right to bear arms. What about others right to life the same sick fucks who say they are prolife are the loudest about gun rights. What about an entire Nation's right not to be traumatized on a weekly basis because of these bloody massacres The gun nuts are terrorizing our Nation and a whole generation of children Fuck Guns I despise them

shooting at a San Antonio Movie theater


When Constitution was written

and the bill of rights people had muskets there were no automatic or semi-automatic weapons! can we talk about that when discussing the 2nd amendment?

The President just made me cry

He looks like he is going to cry He paused several times.

Why do citizens need assault weapons (rifles) period?

This is bullshit nobody hunts with assault rifles so don't even go there. Someone tell us a good reason a citizen should have them. I'm so sick of these senseless massacres
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