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Profile Information

Name: Renee
Gender: Female
Hometown: Ohio
Home country: USA
Current location: Columbia South Carolina
Member since: Wed Sep 3, 2008, 11:19 PM
Number of posts: 7,160

Journal Archives

Food Stamps ***Rant***

I get sick of the bullshit about what someone buys with Foodstamps The People who get them have to work them off at a rate of about $4 dollars an hour They don't sit on their ass and get Foodstamps it doesn't happen anymore They work harder and for less money than most and Definitely harder than Congress and Mitt Romney so Shut the Fuck Up and Mind your Own Damn Business

Troll Cat


Republicans denounce Crist for Obama endorsement on eve of GOP convention



Crist echoed his 2010 general election themes in the op-ed.
“As Republicans gather in Tampa to nominate Mitt Romney, Americans can expect to hear tales of how President Obama has failed to work with their party or turn the economy around. But an element of their party has pitched so far to the extreme right on issues important to women, immigrants, seniors and students that they’ve proven incapable of governing for the people,” Crist wrote.
Crist also addressed his Obama hug in the article.
“Pundits looking to reduce something as big as a statewide election to a single photograph have blamed the result of my 2010 campaign for U.S. Senate on my greeting of President Obama,” Crist wrote. “I didn’t stand with our president because of what it could mean politically; I did it because uniting to recover from the worst financial crisis of our lifetimes was more important than party affiliation. I stood with our nation’s leader because it was right for my state.”

I am a bleeding heart liberal and damn proud of it

We need more bleeding heart liberals

What nobody is saying about Welfare Work Requirements is the pay is less than minimum wage

A person only makes $4.17 an hour and are still treated like lazy bums If you're going to require them to work then you should be required to pay them at least minimum wage

Obama’s Chair Responds to Clint Eastwood at RNC


The GOP has no respect for the Presidency

This past week has proven it and I am not just talking about the current President I am talking about 3 of them.

I'm not a President Reagan fan but he was the President. The sick fucks wanted to have a hologram of the man speak to their convention I find that to be tasteless, tacky, and demeaning The Reagan family probably told them Hell No and that's why they didn't do it. I think every American should be offended that they wanted to do that.

The sick lies they told about President Obama and the way they clapped and cheered at that highly offensive bit of whatever it was that Clint Eastwood did.

The total lack of mention of President George W. Bush

I am outraged about it They are the assholes that hate America not us

The GOP Convention Was One Big Mess of Bizarre

The GOP convention was one big mess of bizarre obviously Clint wins MVP but Ann Romney's Helloooo Ladies I just love women was bizarre, Newt and Callista's whatever it was was bizarre Jeb Bush talking about varieties of milk bizarre, Nobody mentioning George W. Bush by name I am sure I will think of more later What were some of the most surreal moments for you?

ETA If I was a Republican I would be too humiliated to admit it

Clint Eastwood Named as Chair-Man of GOP


Very Interesting look at the life of Tip O'Neill


Two-thousand-twelve marks what would have been the 100th birthday of former U.S. House Speaker and Massachusetts Democrat Thomas "Tip" O'Neill. Next on American History TV, a panel including three of Tip O'Neill's children look back at his life and career. MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews - who served as a press aide to Tip O'Neill in the 1980s - moderates the conversation. The Cambridge Public Library hosted this hour-and-20 minute event.
1 hour, 20 minutes
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