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Still Sensible

Still Sensible's Journal
Still Sensible's Journal
April 19, 2023

I assume that much, if not all, of the settlement will be paid from insurance

Corporations typically carry both general liability insurance as well as errors and omissions coverage. The latter is used to protect not only the corporation, but individually its board members and executives. I would love to know how much of the settlement Faux's corporate insurance is paying.

April 13, 2023

The Question! Why in the hell does a 21-year-old in the

Air National Guard even have access to the breadth of classified intelligence that was shared?

I know it's early and we don't yet know the whole story, but this question really sticks out, I mean, really? Putin's health info and Ukraine battle planning and real data on casualties??? And on and on!

Honestly, how did this obviously remote member of a state National Guard get this material?

January 26, 2023

Had to face reality and delete the "America's Best Pics/Vids" app

from my phone. It seemed when I started using it that there was a somewhat small portion of the meme pics and vids were political (maybe 20-25%). Those leaned toward the right, but there were plenty of pro dem, progressive and pro Biden memes, too. The app has evolved into a full-throated cesspool of pro-tfg, pro rw conspiracy theory, anti Biden, anti-Clinton, anti-Pelosi & anti-Obama bullshit.

I can appreciate clever, satirical political memes and commentary, even from folks that have views to the right of mine. But now, the right wing zealots have taken over this app (and others I'm sure) and only sling total shit.

Almost all of it is wholly made up, pulled out of their asses tripe originating from oath fuckers, mommy's basement and/or a russian troll pit! They now put out the most vile, crude and demeaning posts. It all seems to be based on 1-"what can we put out there that will get our gullible rubes all pissed off?," and 2-"what pure shit will these pissed off gullible rubes believe?" Sadly, we now have something like a quarter of our voting population that really believes!

There is not much left of a mainstream GOP in political circles... at least not many that are willing to stand up and we know who those are.

What these motherfuckers have done will only get harder to overcome.

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Retired C00 of Global Gaming Solutions, LLC. Former EXEC VP of Multimedia Games, Inc. Graduate of ASU.

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