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Cantaloop/Cantaloupe Island

This year marks the 20th anniversary, 30th now, of Us3's acclaimed, platinum-certified 1993 album, Hand On The Torch and its gold-certified lead single, "Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)."

US3 Featuring Rahsaan And Gerard Presencer performing Cantaloop (Video) (Feat. Rahsaan And Gerard Presencer)
of the U.K.

On June 17 in 1964, pianist Herbie Hancock recorded what would become perhaps his most famous composition ever: “Cantaloupe Island.” The perfect convergence of hard-bop, soul and modal jazz, the song originally appeared on Herbie’s fourth Blue Note album, Empyrean Isles, which featured Hancock in the company of a jazz A-Team: trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, bassist Ron Carter and drummer Tony Williams. A jam session favorite since its release, the song would find new life nearly 30 years later, when the English jazz-rap group US3 sampled Herbie’s infectiously funky groove for the backing track of their early ’90s hit “Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia).” https://www.jazziz.com/herbie-hancock-cantaloupe-island/

This one features again Freddie Hubbard and Ron Carter, of course, Herbie Hancock, Joe Henderson and Tony Williams live.

Thanks for shedding more light on this monstrous lawyer. Back in July 2018

During the two-hour hearing, Sabraw asked Justice Department lawyer Sarah Fabian and a lawyer representing the American Civil Liberties Union about their availability over the weekend.

“We will do whatever. We will stay the weekend,” said the lawyer representing the ACLU, which successfully sued the Trump administration over its family-shattering practice last month.

Fabian said she had other obligations.

“I have dog-sitting responsibilities that require me to go back to Colorado but I will be back Monday,” she said, according to a transcript published by NBC News.


Yes, that he is now the most electable. But so are the others

in the top 5 hoping to beat 45 from the Quinnipiac poll seen earlier this month. I'm not sure right now so that may have changed. https://poll.qu.edu/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=2627

I don't argue Biden's strong AA support but I don't believe it is permanent, riding I think on Pres. Obama's coattails. After all, he has tried for the presidency at least 3 times and lost every one in low numbers. This, imo, is more than distracting tantrums and shouldn't be swept under the rug as such. As BlackPAC Executive Director Adrianne Shropshire said in his latest poll results, "Name identification, which is driving support for candidates at this point, will be insufficient for decisively winning the Black electorate –and subsequently, securing the nomination. Candidates must use this critical window to define their campaigns around these concerns- an unyielding commitment to halting the rise of bigotry and curbing widening racial disparities in our economic, healthcare, and education systems." https://blackpac.com/new-poll-black-voters-are-highly-motivated-to-push-our-country-back-on-track/

As more of Biden's record in our community comes out that the other candidates may/will use in their bid for the nomination I think that it will certainly reduce favorability and turnout especially among not only older AAs but the young, as well, as was the case with HRC and this is fair to think about.

As for South Carolina, Biden's nice 45% has fallen to 37% as Warren jumped from just 8% to 18% from May 31st to June 14th, as per the latest 538 polling of June 16th and we're still early in the game. If Biden can pull it off and win, I'm all for it. But right now, I'm not about a candidate who can discourage with head-scratching utterances and depress turnout. I want the candidate, I think are all excellent except Biden, who will energize and turnout the vote in numbers never seen before. But now and the coming year, as far as I'm concerned, our vote is definitely Biden's to lose.

Thank you for remembering and posting of these young martyrs of intersectionality. n/t

Thank you, dixiegrrrrl. And as far as AOC, she was the first

in my memory to grill a bank, back in March during the House Financial Services Committee's pattern of consumer abuses, chief executive Tim Sloan of Wells Fargo, “Why was the bank involved in the caging of children and financing the caging of children to begin with?”

"The exchange highlighted the divisiveness over the family separation policy, but also the dispute over the language used to describe the detention facilities. Government officials have previously requested the media not refer to them as 'cages.' As recently as last week, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen got into a semantic back-and-forth with members of Congress about what constitutes a cage."


Soon after and in March, "JPMorgan Chase has said it will stop financing private prisons and detention centers following protests."
JPMorgan Chase Ends Financing of Private Prisons – Should More Banks Pull Funding? https://www.countable.us/articles/22533-jpmorgan-chase-ends-financing-private-prisons-banks-pull-funding

K&R! Thank you for posting.

I thought it important to know the lone brave man who rushed the stage. Longer version of the short below includes interview of filmmaker Marshall Curry. Curry said the man's name was Isadore Greenbaum and his prophetic statement to a magistrate the next day.

Fritz Kuhn stepped up to the microphone. Kuhn was the leader, or Bundesführer, of the German American Bund. "This was his rally," said Arnie Bernstein, author of Swastika Nation. "He wanted to be the Hitler of America." The speeches were explicitly anti-Semitic, and tirades against "job-taking Jewish refugees" were met with thunderous applause. "They demanded a white gentile America. They denounced Roosevelt as 'Rosenfeld,' to say that Roosevelt was in the pocket of rich Jews," said Sarah Churchwell, author of Behold, America.

"Down with Hitler!" Immediately, Greenbaum was tackled by the Bund's security team. They brutally punched and kicked him, even ripped his pants off, to the delight of the crowd, before the NYPD wrestled Greenbaum to safety. "He had a black eye and a broken nose, but he said he would have done it again," Greenbaum's grandson, Brett Siciliano, told Radio Diaries. After the rally, Greenbaum was arrested for disorderly conduct and fined $25 for disrupting the rally.

One of the main speakers, Gerhard Wilhelm Kunze, the national public relations director of the Bund, pointed to the white supremacy present at America's founding as a nation. "The spirit which opened the West and built our country is the spirit of the militant white man," he preached. Kunze followed the thread of racism that runs through American history to bolster his vision for a whites-only America. He cited anti-miscegenation laws, the Chinese Exclusion Act, Jim Crow policies and immigration quotas. "It has then always been very much American to protect the Aryan character of this nation," Kunze told the audience.

This rally in 1939 was the high point for the German American Bund. Later that year, Kuhn was indicted on embezzlement charges. He was denaturalized and deported in 1945. More broadly, world events made it harder to be a Nazi in America.


Far-right teen who branded Prince Harry 'race traitor' jailed for four years

A far-right teenager who reportedly branded Prince Harry a "race traitor" and suggested he should be shot after his marriage to Meghan Markle has been jailed in Britain for four years and three months.

Michal Szewczuk, 19, posted extremist material including an image of the prince with a gun to his head on a blood-spattered background, the UK Press Association (PA) news agency reported. Published months after Harry's wedding to Meghan, whose mother is African-American, the image also featured a swastika and the phrase: "See Ya Later Race Traitor." Szewczuk was sentenced at the Old Bailey in London Tuesday, after pleading guilty to two counts of encouraging terrorism and five accounts of possessing terrorist material, the UK's Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) unit confirmed in a statement.

Among the materials in Szewczuk's possession was the White Resistance Manual -- a white supremacist handbook -- and the al Qaeda Training Manual, PA said.

Szewczuk, who is of Polish descent but lives in Leeds, northern England, also wrote an "extremely violent and aggressively misogynistic" blog which attempted to justify the rape of women and children in the pursuit of an Aryan race, the court heard.

He was sentenced alongside Oskar Dunn-Koczorowski, 18, from West London, who received an 18-month detention and training order after admitting to two counts of encouraging terrorism, CTP confirmed.

Judge Rebecca Poulet, who presided over the case, described Szewczuk's images as "abhorrent as well as criminal by reason of their intention to encourage terrorist acts."

Naomi Parsons, the prosecutor in the case, added that the targets of their posts included non-white people, the Jewish population and anyone "perceived to be complicit in the perpetuation of multi-culturalism."


Never again! : a protest and a warning addressed to the peoples of Europe / by Edward Carpenter

Edward Carpenter was a leading cultural, political and social reformer in late 19th and early 20th-century Britain. He was instrumental in the foundation of the Fabian Society (what I understand is democratic socialism) and the Labour Party and campaigned for Women’s suffrage. He was an advocate of free love, recycling, nudism and prison reform, and was also at the epicentre of contemporary literature, acquainted with Robert Graves, Oscar Wilde, E M Forster, and Isadora Duncan to name just a few. He advocated the ‘Simplification of Life’ and put his beliefs into practice. Tolstoy called him ‘A worthy heir of Carlyle and Ruskin’. Openly gay, Carpenter boldy tackled the problems of sexual alienation and emerged as the founding father of gay rights in England.

Very nice biography here.

No, she isn't and you need an update on the phrase

that keeps pace to address wickedness. Run your strict terminology by http://neveragain.org/ that "serve people in danger, connecting at-risk individuals and communities". Run it by https://www.neveragain.com/about/ that "support a variety of causes by sharing their missions, goals, and stories with our audience." Run it by http://neveragainrwanda.org whose mission is Peacebuilding, Governance & Rights, Education, Research & Advocacy, Sustainable Livelihood, Great Lakes program and Youth engagement.

How about https://www.facebook.com/NeverAgainMSD/ "Run by survivors of the Stoneman Douglas shooting. We are sick of the Florida lawmakers choosing money from the NRA over our safety. #NeverAgain"

Or https://www.neveragainfoundation.org/ whose mission is "to bring hope, justice, and healing to victims of domestic violence murder by providing holistic non-profit legal representation in the civil, probate and family courts."

Oh-oh, what about it's earliest usage as title of a silent film https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0269620/

And https://neveragain.tech/ that refuses to "build a database of people based on their Constitutionally-protected religious beliefs. We refuse to facilitate mass deportations of people the government believes to be undesirable."

“And Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust survivor and author who came to be associated with the phrase, also used it in the universal sense.

'Never again’ becomes more than a slogan: It’s a prayer, a promise, a vow … never again the glorification of base, ugly, dark violence,” the Nobel laureate wrote in 2012.

"Never Again is a phrase that keeps on evolving. It was used in protests against the Muslim ban and in support of refugees, in remembrance of Japanese internment during World War II and recalling the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882. And now the phrase is taking on yet another life: in the fight for gun control in America.

The list of usage is long. Never Again is now ubiquitous. Please, try to keep up instead of the unconscious attempt to derail the point of the OP.

Central Park 5 Prosecutor Drops Columbia Law Teaching Job After Netflix's 'When They See Us'

Another one bites the dust!

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