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Maybe having it private property isn't good enough.

“We cannot expect our city to survive and prosper if we allow these things,” said Pastor Eugene Babb, of Harlem Church of God.

No, I don't think the pagans will keep your town from surviving and prospering. I think it more has to do with the town's third grade average education, needed to provide fertile soil for so many Christian cults. Here are the ones mentioned in the article:

Church of God Door of Jesus Christ
New Destiny Community Church
Harlem Church of God
Saints on the Move
Hispanic Nazarene Church

Maybe the Solstice pagans should march down Main Street, too. Or maybe they should go door to door to gain converts. Set up a permanent temple.

His daughter, Ruby Rodriguez said that this came as a shock to her. “We do live in a free country but of all of the cities in Florida, why would they choose Pahokee?” she asked.

Obviously, because you're living in a backwater with cheap hotel rates-- despite all the good weather and sunshine-- due to all the bigotry and weirdo Christian cults you cultivate there.

These townspeople better hope that bigger Christian churches are always as tolerant as they are now. History has left that question open.

There are so many vested interests in food . . .

. . . that getting to the complete truth is impossible.

Sodium does raise the blood pressure, and it probably isn't good for the kidneys, but the chloride ion is an absolutely essential nutrient. Though it probably doesn't do you any harm in excessive amounts, you're body is happy with an abundance of it. Salt is the yin and yang, that's the joke nature has played on us.

If you stay away from processed food, you could really afford to use salt to your heart's content, no pun intended. Processed food has incredible amounts of salt in it.

If you take that out of your diet, you don't have to measure.
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