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Member since: Fri Aug 1, 2008, 07:40 PM
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Assault weapons ban: from The Onion.

Forcing laughter from despair, via Twitter:

Week In Review: Proud Time To Be A Cowering Sack Of Shit As Democrats Back Off Assault Weapons Ban http://onion.com/WJRAvZ

Data collected on pornstars.

They finally have enough data to draw valid statistics:

Here are the most interesting ones to me:

-The industry is larger than I thought in terms of workforce. The Adult Film Database has a record of 115,000 porn performers and directors and 125,000 movie titles. That's about 6 times larger than I would have predicted.

-Pornstars are considerably lighter than the general population: male pornstars average 17 pounds and female ones average 48 pounds (!) lighter than the average population.

-They start in the industry older on average than you might think: females at 22, males at 24.

-About pornstars being encouraged to do anal: 62% of female pornstars do anal at least once in their careers. In other words, it's far from certain. They have the choice.

-The females are not, as the stereotype would have it, blonde and busty. Most prevalent hair color was brown, and the average bra size was 34B.
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