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99 Percent Sure

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Hometown: Los Angeles
Home country: USA
Current location: Colorado Springs, CO
Member since: Fri Jul 18, 2008, 01:29 PM
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4 Proper Nouns, 5 Syllables --

Karl "Turd Blossom" Rove, along with the gang of 15-16 other GOP traitors to the US, including Gingrich, McConnell, Cantor and that hack, Luntz. Time: POTUS' Inaugural Night, January 2009. This is the who, the what, the when and the how of Money Boo Boo's elevation. The why is brought to us by corporate industrialists such as the Koch Brothers.

Despite this scathing editorial, WP, and most media, still suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder (split personality) in their campaign coverage. IMO, the race isn't close and never really has been, not even after POTUS' abysmally befuddled 1st debate brought on by high altitude.

Is Lyin' Ryan still on the ticket? After the VPOTUS pimp-slapped him into a stupor, he's pretty much disappeared.

I voted already and my ballots been received/counted. I'm glad it's almost over except the Obama-Biden wins 2nd term shouting. Corporate media's schizophrenia and Money Boo Boo's mendacity have worked my last nerve.
Posted by 99 Percent Sure | Sat Nov 3, 2012, 03:57 AM (0 replies)

We. Are. Survivors.

All of the blame, the fault for our being victimized by twisted people who are physically stronger rests on us for a long while.

Blame and fault are placed on us by society, politicians, even, for a long time, law enforcement.

I was a college freshman in 1974 when I was raped by someone who was a fraternity brother and "friend" of the man I was dating. He lured me to his dorm room by invoking my friend's name, telling me that he wanted me to meet him there. Young, hick chick just up from 'Bama that I was, I didn't pay attention to my internal warning bell that something was amiss. Since my friend and I had hung out there numerous times, I rationalized it to be cool and entered a daytime nightmare.

I ended up hospitalized, broken from the trauma of all that occurred then and afterwards, and I regretted not getting the therapy offered me during my 10-day stay. I regretted not telling anyone immediately after it happened. I didn't even tell my friend; my attacker did that, and I was made to be the aggressor, the vixen.

Thirty-eight years later, I'm spiritually strong enough to not only have shed all the guilt, the blame, the fault, the shame but to talk about it openly. I no longer have low self-worth but not before suffering and being pharma treated for what a pathology psychologist diagnosed 20 years after the ordeal as chronic, acute and severe depression.

After treatment, I saw my attacker 25 years later, in 1999, when he'd become a successful defense attorney. Or rather, he saw me in a public venue and moved to approach me arms rising as if to embrace. I had not spoken to him since that terrible day, and didn't then. I gave him my "you know we don't talk" side-eye, and his face clouded with anger, rage whatever. He is now a sitting judge in a county criminal court. The irony doesn't escape me; however a lawyer friend recently told me that they walk a thin line between upholding the law and criminality.

By the mercy of God, I am finally free of the shame I carried around for years because he assaulted me. He's still an odious person but everyone reaps what they sow in this life, and my consolation is he now looks like the venomous snake that he was then.

I am a rape survivor. We. are. survivors. I'm glad to be one, and glad the dkos diarist and everyone else who have been sexually violated live another day to tell their survival stories.
Posted by 99 Percent Sure | Tue Aug 28, 2012, 06:13 PM (0 replies)

+1 and yep,,,,having unashamedly been an Edwards girl

since 2004, when I thought he should have been the dem nominee and Kerry 2nd on the ticket. "I was for him, before I was against him" but only because his personal behaviors were the tools used to force him out of the race. As the media appointed heir apparent, HRC got on my nerves and I was still unimpressed with Obama until much later when Michelle rallied at UCLA with Maria and O! Side-kicking.

When JE held his first rally in the Hills of Beverly, I was there standing less than 20 feet from him as he spoke, not at the Obama rally being held at the same time in another tented restaurant directly across the street..

But then the National Enquirer blazed his secret across the nation, it was my humble opinion that he had pissed off/on some powerful people, and they weren't having him around anymo'.

Interesting that it was BHO to whom John Kerry threw all his support from the time Obama spoke at the Dem conventiom, JE made big time enemies in a short span of time, and not only repubs. IMHO.

He tried to brazen it out by meeting with BHO for the US Attorney General spot--a move I wish Obama could have made because JE would have been a humdinger of a USAG and since Holder is making me cock-eyed giving him the side-eye even if I get that Ashcroft stacked the deck against us--but, alas, this could not be.

I wish Mr. Edwards and his family peace and well-being.
Posted by 99 Percent Sure | Fri Jun 1, 2012, 01:19 PM (0 replies)

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

I'm loving the BBC's FB lead-in:
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev tells US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney to "use his head", after he branded Russia the "number one foe" to the US.
Medvedev blasts Romney...

Medvedev's comment has to be one of the top 3 of 2012's US presidential campaign, so far.

Eh hee hee hee....and a Lucille Ball type ewwww for Mitt...
Posted by 99 Percent Sure | Tue Mar 27, 2012, 01:17 PM (0 replies)

Pappy Bush looking at President BO as if he wants to do a dim son swap --

Former Banana Republic of Florida President Jeb B for President O. It says something that of all the Bush sons, Jeb would be considered the smarter: totally depraved, corrupt and immoral, but not as smooth-brained as the other sons.

Shrub was somewhere smoking chronic and drinking Jim Beam.

FYI, it is Darth Cheney that is supposedly distantly related to President BO.

Posted by 99 Percent Sure | Sat Jan 28, 2012, 02:28 PM (0 replies)
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