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Member since: Wed Jul 9, 2008, 08:49 PM
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Can democrats in red districts lessen red state power by declining to respond to the Census?

With Gerrymandering now constitutionally approved to lock in whoever's in power in state and national government, what if we could reduce the political power of red districts locally and/or nationally. With political power determined in part by Census counts, what if democrats in red districts simply refused to respond to the Census? If enough did refuse, would those districts lose political power in relation to districts where a greater proportion of people responded?

The punishment for failing to respond to the Census is $100 ($500 for providing false information). Personally I'd have no problem facing such a potential fine if it could make a difference in turning my red state blue.

This could also be a counter-attack against the inclusion of the citizenship question.

Yes, it would possibly lead to short-term consequences, but could provide long-term benefits to everyone.
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