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Why Bernie might surprise

More to come.

A recent Iowa poll found likely Iowa democratic primary participants favor Hillary Rodham Clinton to Bernie Sanders 37 to 30. Wait, who?

Everybody knows Clinton. 33 percent of those polled want to vote for someone other than Hillary besides Bernie Sanders. 14 percent of those polled like Biden, who isn't even running (ahem-yet). A Republican assertion of "chicken" would rouse millions against him. Just 19 percent of them have another first choice.

Those 33 percent have already made a fundamental choice: Hillary Clinton is not their first choice. They want somebody else. As the will for those garnering under 10% wanes, who will they choose? Sanders is looking like he may be the only viable alternative to Clinton. That 33% has already exhibited a dissatisfaction with Clinton, many more than in earlier polls.

Bernie Sanders is on a roll. He is polling well with many of the same voting groups that propelled Obama in Iowa eight years ago.

Isn't he doing well in New Hampshire too?

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