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Biology forms Identity. Identity forms Culture. Culture forms Politics.

In a thread in the Feminists group about Amanda Todd who was internet stalked online then bullied by her classmates to her suicide, I got into a tangential discussion with LadyHawkAZ (it starts here).
We were debating the culture that led to Amanda flashing her breasts on a webcam chat (which brought out her stalker).

LadyHawkAZ referenced an article that talked about the mixed messages girls get about sexuality in this society.
The Proper Lady/Slut complex AKA Madonna/Whore complex.
"Keep chaste & pure but put out" to put it simply.
She touched on the fact the adult stalker blackmailed Amanda by threatening to expose the pics playing off of this complex so she could pose for him more.
And the fact that the illogical double standard of Lady/Slut was in play when those kids who bullied her leading to her suicide.

I was more concerned about the nuts & bolts of why a girl had such access to the internet without supervision & why the stalker wasn't exposed HIMSELF for making the threats.
While I recognized the reality of that double standard & think it's nonsense to put Scarlet Letters on girls for stuff like this, I didn't quite think it was all cultural that girls in puberty start showing off their sexuality.

I believed that even WITHOUT the Lady/Slut complex females in puberty would start practicing out their sexual allure because
Masculine is PROGRAMMED to be attracted to Feminine
Feminine is PROGRAMMED to be attracted to Masculine.
The biological imperative.

It was getting off topic from the point of the thread so LadyHawkAZ asked me to start a new thread to debate this point further.
And here we are.


I believe that Biology determines Identity.
From that Identity come Cultures formed as certain traits are promoted & demoted based on the needs of that environment.
Those Cultures shape the Politics, the Life Views of the people in those societies.

I have a very strong theory on how women's sexuality became oppressed in so many cultures on Earth.

Male biology & Female biology have marked differences.
For instance, it influences our approaches to sex since males drop seed easily & can walk away...
...while females have to carry that seed for 9 months eventually having a hard time walking & a harder time "harvesting" that seed until a 'baby' crop is birthed.

Think of an Extinction Level Event where there are only 11 people left on Earth.
In the 1st scenario think of this group of people as 10 men & 1 woman.
In the 2nd scenario think of this group of people as 10 women & 1 man.
They have to repopulate the Earth with these 11 people.

1st scenario
The 1 woman has sex with the 10 men to make a baby.
Nine months later she has the baby & now there are 12 people on Planet Earth.
Maybe she has twins, triplets, quadruplets & so on.
If so there would be 13, 14, 15 people on Earth.

Minimum 1 extra human being every 9 months.

2nd scenario
The 1 man has sex with the 10 women to make a baby.
Nine months later the women each have their babies & now there are 21 people on Planet Earth.
Maybe they have twins, triplets, quadruplets & so on.
If so there would be 31, 41, 51 people on Earth.

Minimum 10 extra human beings every 9 months.

Look at how this pattern looks from both scenarios:
1st scenario (10 men, 1 woman): 11 ~ 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19
2nd scenario (10 women, 1 man): 11 ~ 21, 31, 41, 51, 61, 71, 81, 91

This made men more expendable since they can drop sperm very easily to spark life.
They send men to wars & dangerous pursuits since the world doesn't need as many men to reboot life.
This made women more protected since carrying a baby to birth is very hard to spark life.
They say women & children first on ships since the world needs many women to reboot life.

When women are pregnant they are sitting ducks for predators.
They can't run. They can barely fight. And they're protecting precious cargo in their balloon bellies possibly making them clumsy in the runaway.
Men have nothing else to do when women are pregnant except help fend off the predators so that the next generation can be born.
I believe this is how the protector male identity/protected female identity came out.

Being a protector meant being a controller since you were controlling your environment for the protection of the female.
Conflation took place & then the protectors started controlling the women & not just at pregnancy time.
Before you know it all the former protectors were about was controlling the women not for the women's sake but simply for their function of delivering babies.
Now women have value only by proxy. Children were the valuable ones & women were just a means to an end.

The identity has become a culture.

But all this because of that root biological structure that says men shoot & go and women carry the load.

Each culture assigns different status & functions for all the varied types of the human design.
With the feuding nature of Order & Chaos, we have form thanks to the static-ness of Order but our forms shape very differently thanks to the randomness of Chaos.

There are tall people, short people, fat people, thin people, muscular people, curvy people, physically strong people, physically weak people, extroverted people, introverted people, athletic people, scholarly people, creative people, near-sighted people, far-sighted people, people with 20/20 vision, fast people, slow people, talkative people, quiet people, heterosexual people, homosexual people, bisexual people, try-sexual people, dark-skinned people, light-skinned people, curly-haired people, straight-haired people, no-haired people, all-haired people, & on & on & on...

The biology of each person shapes how they see the world.
Take a person who is 6' 7" who can look at the tops of everyone's heads & see people coming in crowd from far away.
Take a person who is 4' 10" who can't see past a crowd being stuck in the middle crowded watching elbows, knees, & other body parts to make sure they don't smash into him/her

Height alone shapes so much of your personality & how you interact with other people.
That 6' 7 person with long legs doesn't need to make quick steps because of his/her long legs giving him/her a long stride.
They move like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo covering lots of ground with a slow gait.
That 4' 10" person has short legs & has to walk fast just to be able to keep up with the crowd, to keep up with their friends.
They move like Speedy Gonzales with many quickly struck steps to make that fast gait.

Biology also shapes the mind & personality since the brain & the hormones that color it are physical parts of matter.
I have a better word for the designation LGBT.

That's what they are. Just different variations on the spectrum of intersexed people.
In the womb gay/bi/trans people are formed when at particular times in the fetus' formations certain hormone sets wash over the developing brain.
Depending on what set of hormones wash over at what particular time, you get your spectrum of homosexual people, bisexual people, & transsexual people.

When they found out that homosexual men's brains were very similar to heterosexual women's brains...
...and homosexual women's brains were very similar to heterosexual men's brains...
I KNEW that was the answer.

It's basically the case of a female brain working through a male shell (body) or a male brain working through a female shell (body).
The male shell still gives off lots of testosterone so gay men still come out a little different than straight women.
The female shell still gives off lots of estrogen so gay women still come out a little different than straight men.
But basically it's just like we see it in the culture: a little woman in a man's body, a little man in a woman's body.

The only real difference between Gay/Lesbian, Bi, 'Trapped in the Wrong Body' Trans is the timing & intensity of the hormones washing the developing brain.
Gays are satisfied with their bodies being different than their brains. Bis got it mildly so they're half-gay for lack of better words.
Transsexuals want their bodies to match their brains.
And in the case of Chaz Bono we can see it can be fluid where a lesbian decides to become a transman.

Each culture decided to do something different with these mentally intersexed people.
Native American nations called these people Two-Spirit & accepted them as full-fledged members of society.
The Puritan-based American society treated these people as abominations & ostracized them from society.

For whatever reason these 2 cultures took different paths into assigning status to these human types.
Fear of a population's annihilation may have spurred on a culture of fervent reproduction & gays being drawn to the same physical sex would not reproduce. So they were selected to be weeded out since they didn't fit the 'make babies' mentality of that society.
In another culture gays not being tied down with familial obligations could help in the rearing of the children made by the babymakers. So they were selected to be accepted in since they could shape society at large for the good of all.

From these cultures came the political views that gays were monsters living in sin in one & that gays were helpful citizens in another.
In some cultures gays were pedestaled as Godly.
It all depends on what that culture promotes.

Biology changes (see the aging process) & that changes Identity.
Once Identities change the Culture changes.
Cultures can change & BE changed causing Politics to change.
But at the root of all these other things is Biology.

Our whole world is determined by those genes & those gene expressions.
We ARE fated. We have choices WITHIN that fate but we are fated.
And one of those fates is that Masculine & Feminine are like the (+) & (–) poles on magnets.
Programmed to attract the opposite.

Discuss all of this & I'll elaborate.
John Lucas


All this handwringing & worrywart crap.
It means nothing to me.

All the 'this poll says this' & 'this poll says that'.
It means nothing to me.

All the carrying on about the outcome of the first debate.
It means nothing to me.

I KNEW from DAY ONE as soon as the field of Republican candidates was established that
President Barack Hussein Obama II...
...would get his 2nd term.

How can I be so sure?
Well, just LOOK at these fools.

Sarah Palin was too scared to run for all that fuss she made in the past 4 years since she got her ass whooped in 2008.
Chris Christie was too scared to run because he knew he had no chance in hell of getting past the beast that is Obama.
Tim Pawlenty knew he didn't have Enough. Plenty of Not Enough.

Then what they had left was a crew of Keystone Cops, a pack of Circus Clowns on parade.
Who they got?

Herman Cain?
Michele Bachmann?
Rick Perry?
Jon Huntsman?
Newt Gingrich?
Rick Santorum?
Ron Paul?
Mitt Romney?

What? Hahahahahaha!

Herman Cain. Hahahahaha!!
Never mind his bull about Pokémon & Sim City. Never mind his sex scandal even.
He wasn't going NOWHERE because ain't no way Republicans would have a decision between a Black man & a Black man.
Ain't HAPPENIN' with the Southern Strategy embedded in that party. And he knew it. He ran for the SuperPAC money.
(I was so hoping he would get past just to see what would happen. Would have drove them people crazy! Hahaha!)

Michele Bachmann was a Discount Palin. At least Palin was original.
This was a wannabe & she was crazy as hell from jump. It was no surprise when she whimpered out after getting stomped in Iowa.
Besides I really wonder if Republicans trust women in a Presidential role. They're supposed to be traditionalists after all.

Rick Perry was the dumbass from Texas who replaced that other dumbass from Texas in 2000 as Governor.
When Bush Junior left for the White House, Perry went to the Texas Governor's House.
He showed his dumbassness on that debate with his "duuuuuhhhhhhh" response of the 3 departments he would cut.

Jon Huntsman posed the biggest threat to Obama from this list of nominees.
He wasn't dumb. He wasn't crazy. He seemed reasonable & open to compromise.
But he couldn't get ARRESTED! Hahahahaha! He might as well have been invisible.
Plus he worked under the Obama administration as an ambassador. That may have worked against him, maybe.

Newt Gingrich is the textbook definition of CORRUPT.
He's the one who had his Contract on America while playing up Bill Clinton's sex scandal.
Except that his sex scandal was WAY worse than Bill's was.
Women were not going for this cat after how he treated his wife on her hospital bed to leave for another woman—who's now on the campaign trail with him. Lots of women take that personal & it was a giant strike on the character scorecard.
Besides Newt represents the Old Guard. He's the old Republican from the 80s & 90s. The 90s were 20 years ago.
Also he was unorganized! How you gonna run a Presidency when you can't even get your name on the damn ballot?!

Rick Santorum was a faceless goon who only got as far as he did because everybody else dropped out.
Because so many were dreading that Mitt Romney would be the nominee they put all their efforts behind the only man who was left.
He was a lame motherfather too. "I don't want to make black people's lives better by giving them other people's money" becomes...
"No no, I said BLAH people" Oh really now. This lame ass jabroni!
Most telling of his lameness was when his daughter got sick & he cancelled the campaign to look after his daughter.
No, Rick. You don't do EITHER/OR. You do BOTH/AND. Look after your daughter THEN come back to the campaign trail later.
Obama's grandma died, he went to her funeral, & came back to the campaign with tears in his eyes. That's how it's done.

Ron Paul had his Cult of Personality, no doubt. Of all the Republican candidates no one had a more enthusiastic base than Ron Paul.
Badgering internet forum after internet forum with the zeal only a true believer can have.
Problem was he wasn't really a Republican Republican. He was a Libertarian Republican.
A Paleo-Conservative which is just another way of saying Fossil (get it? Paleo? Fossil?).
A Relic from a Republican Party of decades past.

Oh speaking of fossil, he's OLD. 77 years old.
His lifespan & mental sharpness may be long-ranging for all we know but people get wary when candidates get to this level of age.
It worked against John McCain in 2008 & he was only 72 then.
People got scared he would die in office & then Sarah Palin would be Prez. People remember the Alzheimer's stories of Reagan.
It's one thing to be Robert Byrd & Strom Thurmond as a Senator of a state.
It's another thing to be in charge of the Nuclear Button as President interacting with foreign regimes.
But none of this mattered to the Ron Paul acolytes. Never mind the flaws in his policies (gold standard really?) & his lack of votes.
They were so WITH him that they would be WITHOUT anyone else & I KNEW this would be a problem for whoever became the nominee.

Mitt Romney was the inevitable uninspiring candidate. Nobody wanted him at all.
But pragmatically they believed he had the best shot of taking down Obama with the collection of clowns they had running.
His votes were reluctantly given & in the primaries his challengers got the ANTI-Romney vote.
With the exception of Ron Paul, all the Republican contenders were the Anti-Obama vote but Romney himself was faced with Anti-ROMNEY votes!
Anybody But Romney BEFORE Anybody But Obama??? Hahahahahaha!
Also he couldn't go against Obamacare because Obamacare is essentially ROMNEYCARE!
And his Gubernatorial record in Kennedy-land Massachusetts works totally against the Tea Party-style Republicans.
He would have to switch his whole belief systems all over the place like an Etch-A-Sketch to maintain hold on those Teapots.
Throw in his shadiness on showing his taxes, his barely hidden mean-spiritedness, his record at Bain Capital & you've got yourself a loser.
Also certain religious-head voters are wary of his Mormonosity. They think it's a spooky cult & don't trust him.
And he was considered the BEST OF THE BUNCH!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

If Romney's your Best of the Bunch, you're done from the moment you step out the door!

BUT ABOVE ALL THIS, Jeb Bush didn't DARE show his face in 2012 after the dismal era of George Junior.
He was the one they were supposed to run, ol' Jebediah.
If they were serious about uprooting Obama they would have put him up, but Obama was JUST THAT FORMIDABLE.

So you see I had no more worries about the 2012 election once the Republicans showed their field of nominees.
I knew more & more as each day went on that we were looking at the end of the Republican Party on the National Stage.
The Southern Strategy DIES in this election.
They hold a strong bitter Plurality but no longer a Majority.
Appealing to the Bigots for the benefit of the Selfish Rich will no longer work on Presidential elections after this.
Once the Republicans lose the National Stage they will eventually lose the Regional Stages.
Either the Republican Party TRIPLES down for 2016 with the same strategy & lose even harder
Or the Republican Party goes searching for another reliable voting block to pad the Elite (AKA Few) Greedy Rich's numbers for future elections.
That takes time & they lose in the short term in search of this new base.
If they don't find one in time, they lose permanently.

This is a Realigning Election.
Obama will win this HANDILY.
It's not a matter of IF he will win or even WHEN he will win but HOW MUCH will he win by.
I say a LANDSLIDE of 20 points in the Popular Vote. Minimum 15.

Damn the polls. Damn the crying & carrying on.
My confidence in my prediction is strong.
Even WITH the racism factor working against him in 2008 he beat McCain 53% to 46%.
Now with his accomplishments & the opposition he faces, I say he will widen that lead like you have never seen.

The Mandate is coming & the openly Progressive President we have been waiting for will emerge in the 2nd term.
John Lucas
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