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On this issue, I am not..

and I think anyone who thinks Mr. Cloobeck's demands are about billionaire "hurt feelings" rather than his own economic interests is very naive.

As for the idea that he "must believe in fairness to some extent or he'd be donating to the GOP"...No again, I'm afraid. Do you not know that the wealthy frequently donate to BOTH parties?...It's called "hedging your bets" -- Donald Trump has donated to Democrats so often he's been called a "Democrat"...What do you think of his sense of "fairness"?

There's a name for people like Cloobeck's and it's not "Democrat",
it's Libertarian...Libertarians describe themselves as liberal on social issues and conservative on economic ones -- Most Dems call them "Republicans who want to smoke pot and get laid".

As for some "resolution" with doners, I'm afraid I disagree again
. Bernie Sanders showed us a Democrat with a winning message AND good campaign skills doesn't need to placate the wealthy or use corporate cash for campaign financing. His campaign was entirely funded by private doners, and it can be done again.

So Cloobek has ordered Dems to stop saying the word "Billionaire"?

He can go fuck himself -- He's no democrat.. In fact there ARE no Democrats without support for economic justice, and yes, that means calling out Billionaires for stealing the
nation's wealth through Tax Giveaways and cuts to everything from Public Schools to Medicare

Economic and social justice is what the whole friggin: party is based on...These people want to float on social issues only -- Why?.. because those don't COST them anything.

P.S. We already have a "party of business" -- It''s called the GOP.

Good.for you...You did exactly the right thing!

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