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Could Morning Joe's Mark Halperin get any more disgusting?

He showed his true colors to me during the Shrekeli "Pharma bro"

While everyone on the MJ set loudly, and denounced the little pig for his 1000% profit on a life -saving drug, I recall Halperin saying zilch...What he DID object to, was a follow up criticism of Shrekeli:s purchase of some obscenely priced music memorabilia.with his ill-gotten gain. .What upset Halperin, as he said, was criticizing Shrekeli's "right" to buy what he wished. He viewed this as an attack on Property Rights, which to him, it seems, outweigh Human Rights.

If that wasn't bad enough, he's now furthering his RW tool image by 'dissenting" with criticism of Trump's hideous handling of the calls to the families of fallen soldiers by saying "it doesn't help anyone".

Right -- Just keep waiting for your tax cuts, you soulless prick.

I Can't BELIEVE what I just heard from GOPers on Morning Joe..

Upon being asked "what can we do" about mass shootings in the wake of Vegas, George Will and Oklahoma Rep Tom Cole ruled out ANY increase in restrictions or safety measures, answering, "nothing", essentially..

While this doesn't surprise me terribly, the tone of their response suggested the question itself was a bit presumptuous.."Well, no" Will said, rather huffily, as he blamed a "culture" that actually expected a solution to a problem like this..."Government can't do everything"!, he said.. ..You almost had to HEAR their bluff dismissal of the possibility -- the apparent preposterousness of expecting anything to be done... Seriously. -- I wanted to scream "What the fuck Is government FOR, then?!?

I WISH I could provide a clip of it, as I am gobsmacked to the point that my mouth is STILL open twenty minutes after hearing it.

If someone can provide a clip, please do, as I think others will find this as outrageous and mind blowing as I. :
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