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Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2008, 09:41 PM
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Scary: Did Hillary really laugh about getting a child rapist off?

This has bothered me since I heard of it a few days ago. I promise, I skipped ALL the Right Wing blogs on this article and went to Daily Beast.


Thanks to WiKiLeaks, Americans can discuss Alarming new trade deal

David Cay Johnston

Wikileaks last week again pierced the veil of official secrecy that surrounds global trade negotiations. The peek it gave us should alarm everyone.

Big Business and national governments wanted to conceal the terms of the proposed Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) while keeping consumers, unions, environmentalists and the vast majority of businesses in the dark. Thanks to Wikileaks, they failed.


Hello Utah Dems..I need a little information, if you would be so kind

The spouse and I have just come back from trips to Bryce Canyon & Zion Nat'l Park, and have

fallen completely in love with the area, so much so that we feel we may have to live near

there (or the Canyon lands) for at least PART of the year (we're nearing retirement)

so we'd like to know if there are ANY at least somewhat liberal places near there -- places

where we won' have Mormons proselytizing us as neither of us is very religious.

A point of irony is, I actually have Mormon cousins who were raised in Utah..I last saw one

a few years ago and he was hopelessly conservative and racist. The rest of our

family are not Mormon and were raised in the Northeast part of the country and are liberal.

What's a star crossed lover to do?
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