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Has anyone been watching AMC's "Low Winter Sun"?

It's a dark cop drama based on a British Drama of the same name...I'm liking it (mostly) so far.

I'm interested in other's reactions.

I admit to being "on the fence" about the proposed strike on Syria -- until I read this

in Common Dreams.

The statistic that really got my attention was this:

Out of the 100,000 already killed in Syria by conventional weapons, a hefty 43% were ASSAD's people.

For some reason, I'd had the idea that the deaths there were something of a genocide

being perpetrated by Assad. This convinced me that the conflict truly IS a Civil War.

The use of chemical weapons is, of course, heinous, but to my understanding, we're not even sure if those weren't dispersed

by one of the very numerous factions of the rebel groups.

Aside from humanitarian relief, I think we need to stay the hell out of this.


Has ANYONE noticed the complete blackout on the huge anti-ALEC demonstration in Chicago last week?

Even Rachel didn't cover it, which makes me very afraid that they are being muzzled.

The notorious ALEC held it 40th Anniversary party and Strategy Session (I have their complete agenda)

in Chicago at the famous Palmer House Hotel last Thursday. It was HUGE, at least Two Thousand people

plus, big for that kind of thing on a weekday -- I was there, it was big and NOISY and a few protesters were even arrested.

Only one Local station mentioned it at all, and what REALLY shocked me was that not ONE of even the most

progressive anchors (think Rachel and Chris Hayes) said a WORD about it.

ALEC is having a HUGE influence on our laws -- The "Stand Your Ground" law that helped kill Trayvon Martin

was written by ALEC as well as the Voter ID laws....Right now they're getting ready to start Fracking all over the

country, threatening our water supply.

There is NO greater fan of Rachel, Chris Hayes and the true progressives on that station,

me, but if she and the others are being muzzled on ALEC, I honestly think we're doomed.

P.S. I got hold of ALEC's agenda for their big meeting and I can give you the link if you're interested.

Dick Durbin voted AGAINST funding food stamps & is in FAVOR of Cutting Social Security!

I believe he also voted against labeling genetically modified foods

He seems to have joined the dark side -- Any chance of primarying him?

Hi guys..I'm new here and I'm cross-posting a thread I posted in AWPS at the suggestion of Kentauros

I've had instances, not many, but a few, of the paranormal in my life and one, in particular has always
puzzled me, and I'm looking for any kind of feedback or knowledge anyone would care to lend me.

When I was a seven year old walking to school in my very ordinary middle class neighborhood, I saw
what seemed the specter of a colonial carriage as I crossed a street I'd crossed many times without seeing
anything -- This was a VERY dead quiet neighborhood, especially in the middle of the day.

Kentauros has suggested it was NOT a specter because my brief glance at this thing was accompanied
by a 'whirling" sensation that I never understood. He claims the feeling suggests I was looking at, or
or going though a space-time portal, something I knew next to nothing about until today, and still don't.

If I may, let me re-post my story here:

It was in the middle of the afternoon in the quiet residential neighborhood in Philadelphia that I lived in.
My sister and I were walking back to school after our lunch break as we always did. I was seven and she was twelve.

Crossing the street, I looked both ways, as always, but on this day I saw -- and felt -- something VERY
different. I saw a carriage with two footmen at the helm, white wigs and all. This neighborhood was part of the city of Philadelphia, PA, which is, of course, old and historic. The area in question was NOT part of the city two centuries ago, but it was directly connected to it by a very old historic road called Bristol Pike and that road was just one block from the sighting.

As I said in my original post, I saw this carriage. It was there, but not "there" in quite the same way as other things
are. It had a slight filmy quality to it, and, though it didn't scare me at all, looking at it gave me an inner "whirling"
feeling that I'd never experienced before or since.

For the record, I pointed it out to my older sister, but she angrily denied it's existence: "It's not there! There's
nothing there"! My sister was kind of pissy at that age, and I didn't bother arguing with her, but I knew what
I saw. I brought up the subject to her as an adult, but she says she doesn't remember any of it.

Nothing like this has happened to me before or since, and I'd be interested in anyone's thoughts about it. Thanks.

Immigration Reform Clears Committee -- Bill hurts Labor/ American Tech Workers

Sen. Orrin Hatch secures amendment helping tech firms win visa battle over unions. W. Post: “The compromise amendment lifts the requirement that companies first offer tech jobs to Americans for all firms except those that depend on foreigners for more than 15 percent of their workforce and relaxes the formula for determining the annual number of foreign high-tech workers.”

AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka vows to fight tech visa change on Senate floor. The Hill quotes: “Hatch’s amendments change the bill so that high tech companies could functionally bring in H-1B visa holders without first making the jobs available to American workers. Hatch’s amendments would mean that American corporations could fire American workers in order to bring in H-1B visa holders at lower wages.”

No Republican filibuster planned. The Hill: “Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.) on Tuesday said he would not try to block immigration reform from reaching the floor despite the opposition of some conservative leaders … While McConnell stopped short of pledging his support for the legislation, he praised the Gang of Eight’s work and said he is ‘hopeful’ of passing a comprehensive immigration fix through the Senate.”

But more Republican concessions eyed. Roll Call: “…though the deal worked to secure Hatch’s backing for the immigration framework in committee, he and other Republicans are demanding more concessions before they back a final bill on the Senate floor. ‘I am going to vote this bill out of committee because I’ve committed to do that once this amendment passes,’ Hatch told his colleagues … ‘But make no mistake about it, those other four amendments that are Finance Committee amendments, we are going to reserve them for the floor, but I’ve got to get those or we’ll never pass those bills.’”

Hi..I'm new here & just received a suggestion from Knetauros to post a thread re: mental telepathy

other stuff based on my own experience.

Recently, a new DUer asked if there was a forum in which she could discuss the paranormal.

It resonated with me, as I'm a former skeptic who has experienced, quite by accident, it seems, some

instances of what I can only identify as mental telepathy. It first started when I was age 20, and it seemed to

occur spontaneously, as I wasn't even sure I believed in such things before it happened!

My only other significant brush with the "paranormal" was at age of seven when I saw a specter of a colonial

carriage while walking to school in an area the old colonial city of Philadelphia, PA.

Is anyone here interested in discussing Extra Sensory Perception and/or the Paranormal?

I've experienced it a few times....Yeah, before my own experiences, I thought those claiming it were a). Lying

or b). Nuts. Then I experienced them myself, spontaneously, with no purposeful "seeking" of it at all.

I saw a specter as a 7 year old child and have had some incidents of mental telepathy in later life.

Daily Cute: Man and Fox: A Love Story

Man rescues injured fox and nurses his wounds. The two now live together

and are "best friends". Enjoy!


Could you please advise jurors to stop insulting & attacking alerters via their "explanations"?

As I understand it, the "explanation" option given jurors is meant to explain a vote,

not to directly attack the alerter. This is not the first time I've been the recipient

of an ugly, foulmouthed "explanation" made by one or more anonymous jury members,

and I'm guessing I'm not alone.

I'm posting the results of an alert recently made by me. I think you will agree that the vitriol expressed,

by juror #6, especially, was quite "over the top"

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