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Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2008, 09:41 PM
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I Can't BELIEVE what I just heard from GOPers on Morning Joe..

Upon being asked "what can we do" about mass shootings in the wake of Vegas, George Will and Oklahoma Rep Tom Cole ruled out ANY increase in restrictions or safety measures, answering, "nothing", essentially..

While this doesn't surprise me terribly, the tone of their response suggested the question itself was a bit presumptuous.."Well, no" Will said, rather huffily, as he blamed a "culture" that actually expected a solution to a problem like this..."Government can't do everything"!, he said.. ..You almost had to HEAR their bluff dismissal of the possibility -- the apparent preposterousness of expecting anything to be done... Seriously. -- I wanted to scream "What the fuck Is government FOR, then?!?

I WISH I could provide a clip of it, as I am gobsmacked to the point that my mouth is STILL open twenty minutes after hearing it.

If someone can provide a clip, please do, as I think others will find this as outrageous and mind blowing as I. :

.and after Hefner, women are STILL being called 'sluts"

and *whores" for doing the same things men do!....How "liberating".!

btw, it's easy NOT being "uptight" when you:re not the target of such slurs, not to mention some other vulnerabilities like pregnancy, rape, etc. .. Just sayin'.

I'm not sure if I'm not "getting it"

or if it's just not relevant to this conversation about Jewish maternity.

I'm sure she had a "say", but he may have pressured her

or even given her an "ultimatum" -- convert or I won't marry you. I heard Steven Spielberg did this to his second wife. I would have told him to to pound sand, but that's just me.

Anyone just hear Prof. Turley on Morning Joe say impeaching Trump was "dangerous"?

rather than it being dangerous to leave him in office?

His reasons sounded extremely lame...His first point was that impeaching him would "be like Great Britain's vote of no confidence".
that it would be "lowering the standard for impeachment"...Huh? I thought we already DID that with Bill Clinton.

Basically, he was acting as if there was, at this point, no "reason" or reasons to impeach him, to which I say "Huh"? again.

What REALLY pissed me off was that none of the "guests" -- Joe and Mila were off -- pushed back on him, including Howard Dean, who made a small noise about Trump frequently "not telling the truth", but that was it. I was dumbfounded. Even though I know Turley leans Right AND that this opinion comes BEFORE the results of the Mueller investigation, I can't believe that Trump has committed no visibly "impeachable" offenses.

Anyone want to weigh in?

Hey..I'll be in Silver City next week for a few days

Can anyone give me some tips on places to go, restaurants, outdoor sights, music venues, and such? Thanks.

My Cousin Rachel...Has anyone seen it yet?

I haven't, but I'm intrigued by it.

He doesn't need to..

He can still be criticized., and you can try and deny that until your fingers fracture.

Um, it has nothing to do with that

and I'm truly sorry, but Obama, much as we may love him, is still a mortal man, which means he's not above criticism..even by "white people".

It feels like a different world since he left..

a scary, weird one.. :
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