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Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2008, 09:41 PM
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Journal Archives

Elizabeth Warren to Obama: Fed nominees should crack down on Big Banks

Go on with your bad self, Elizabeth!


American rushes to Sudan to save Pregnant Wife from Hanging.


A poster on GD is laughing about calling someone a "cunt" for laughs.

Could you please go over and educate the fine gentlemen

More Workers convicted of Animal Cruelty at DiGiorno Cheese Supplier

By Vandhana Bala

WBF Rough Handling 06.jpgTwo more workers have been convicted of animal cruelty following an undercover investigation by Mercy For Animals at Wiese Brothers Farms in Wisconsin. Crescencio Pineda and Misael Monge-Minero were caught on hidden-camera viciously kicking and whipping cows, beating them the face and body, and using machinery to cruelly hoist sick or injured cows into the air. They have been ordered to pay a total of $1,322 in fines.

The undercover video footage led to the conviction of two other workers at the facility a few weeks ago. In total, four workers have been charged and convicted of cruelty to animals at this dairy factory farm. At the time of the investigation, Wiese Brothers was a dairy supplier to DiGiorno brand frozen pizza.

Watch the shocking undercover video that led to the convictions here:


What's especially ugly, not to mention bizarre, is hearing the abusers call the cows "cunts" and "whores" while they beat them.

Cat returned to original home -- Owners say "He farts too much".


Bill Moyers Speaks to Historian re: FDR and "The Four Freedoms" & why we should never forget..


Bill Moyers has one of the best progressive discussion programs on the air and since it is

on Public Television, you don't even need Cable to see it.

I'm having trouble with the Jury system. I served on one yesterday & then got no result.

Belgian newspaper blasted for depicting Obamas as apes..

Stay classy, Belgium.


Has anyone been watching AMC's "Low Winter Sun"?

It's a dark cop drama based on a British Drama of the same name...I'm liking it (mostly) so far.

I'm interested in other's reactions.

I admit to being "on the fence" about the proposed strike on Syria -- until I read this

in Common Dreams.

The statistic that really got my attention was this:

Out of the 100,000 already killed in Syria by conventional weapons, a hefty 43% were ASSAD's people.

For some reason, I'd had the idea that the deaths there were something of a genocide

being perpetrated by Assad. This convinced me that the conflict truly IS a Civil War.

The use of chemical weapons is, of course, heinous, but to my understanding, we're not even sure if those weren't dispersed

by one of the very numerous factions of the rebel groups.

Aside from humanitarian relief, I think we need to stay the hell out of this.

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