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Home country: USA
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2008, 09:41 PM
Number of posts: 25,841

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Any ideas for living off a social security benefit of only $680 a month?

I live in Illinois, in a somewhat distant Chicago suburb...I would consider moving

(In fact I'm thinking of buying a 'tiny house' to 'downsize' that way) but I don't

want to go further than necessary....I'm thinking maybe Madison, Wisconsin, if

I have too. It's a very liberal town and they and are looking to start a tiny house


Cartoon: If Cops Treated Bankers the way Fergusen Cops treat Black People...

by Jen Sorensen


Are those here with plans to travel to Europe in the next month or two..

a tad fearful, given the ISIS scare, especially considering reports

that approximately 500 European passport holders are coming "home"

to Europe from Syria"?

I have them for next month, and though I've never been a fearful

person, given the current situation, I have to admit to some


Anyone watching the new, and final season of "The Killing" on Netflix?

I am -- and it's quite good so far.

I LOVED this series!

Netanyahu to US "Don't ever second guess me on Hamas again"


or he'll do WHAT, exactly?...Start refusing the 2 billion a year we

give his fucked up administration?

What an ARROGANT prick!!...Who the FUCK does he think we are,

his PUPPETS? I'm sorry, but this POS should be put in his place

'cause, unless I'm deeply mistaken, he and his country depend on us

a lot more than we do THEM -- See how Israel would be doing in their

current war ON Gaza without those Missile Shields we just bankrolled for


The outrageous disrespect he, and some others in Israel have

shown our Secretary of State, our President, and his administration

makes me want to kick their asses, literally AND metaphorically.

How 'bout we cut off their funding and see how "independent" they

are then?

P.S. Before accusations to the contrary start coming, I'm stating,

for the record that I'm NOT "anti-Semitic"or "anti-Israel" -- I'm anti-

Netanyahu, anti-Likud Party for their INSUFFERABLE hubris, not to

MENTION their indiscriminate slaughter in Gaza.

Anyone get the DNA test from Ancestry.com?

The spouse and I got them for $99 each...Some interesting surprises.

Question for those against unions: "What is the Chamber of Commerce"?

Answer: It's a UNION of Business Owners.

Next Question: If the Owners of businesses can unionize, why can't the Workers?

Just heard this from Norman Goldman on his show on WCPT. Chicago AM Progressive Station.

As he said, it's a great way to get them thinking.

Scary: Did Hillary really laugh about getting a child rapist off?

This has bothered me since I heard of it a few days ago. I promise, I skipped ALL the Right Wing blogs on this article and went to Daily Beast.


Thanks to WiKiLeaks, Americans can discuss Alarming new trade deal

David Cay Johnston

Wikileaks last week again pierced the veil of official secrecy that surrounds global trade negotiations. The peek it gave us should alarm everyone.

Big Business and national governments wanted to conceal the terms of the proposed Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) while keeping consumers, unions, environmentalists and the vast majority of businesses in the dark. Thanks to Wikileaks, they failed.


Hello Utah Dems..I need a little information, if you would be so kind

The spouse and I have just come back from trips to Bryce Canyon & Zion Nat'l Park, and have

fallen completely in love with the area, so much so that we feel we may have to live near

there (or the Canyon lands) for at least PART of the year (we're nearing retirement)

so we'd like to know if there are ANY at least somewhat liberal places near there -- places

where we won' have Mormons proselytizing us as neither of us is very religious.

A point of irony is, I actually have Mormon cousins who were raised in Utah..I last saw one

a few years ago and he was hopelessly conservative and racist. The rest of our

family are not Mormon and were raised in the Northeast part of the country and are liberal.

What's a star crossed lover to do?
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