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Member since: Fri Jun 20, 2008, 10:38 AM
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A new glossary is needed, from minds such as ours.

And I am BEGGING for input. Fox viewers are coming out of their comas, confused as a time travelers. Some of the things that they bellow as they flail about for a problem that can be shot indicate Ailes & Acolytes have so artfully topped off the GOP's 30 year plan/dogfight in a dumpster, that conventional labels no longer apply.

I would posit that what most of the bad guys want is a return to their idea of the antebellum south, with some sort of superannuated citizens in charge - a landed gentry. Of MEN. In a lovely closet, with fresh flowers.
The working ("2nd, if you please!" class are "free", but when life is cheap, take for nothing gets ugly. The gentry will draw armies, terrorists, orcs, and monsters from the folks who really do the work, and set them against each other so the do not rise up.
Lower down, we're looking at wretched souls. Chattel slavery will exist much more openly, debt bondage and indenture will be in the open.
What I'm sayin`, here, is that a lot of people seem to misunderstand "conservative" and "liberal", particularly their relationship. I do not see them as opposite polarities in their primary meanings, maybe as 30 degrees apart on the big circle. The bad guys "Con_federates", "Barbadians", WTF ever you call them, seem well out of alignment with the "classic" side (is that a good name?) - maybe 170 deg. off axis on the Tuttle/Dean line (If you want to have money to help folks, you can't be wastin' it.) May be known to some as "the wedge of reasonability"
I can see where a lot of the folks that work on the "conservative" side of reasonable might hang out well to the left of liberal now and then - there are bookstores and potlucks, it reminds some of Vermont. And folks, there are a whole lot of weekend wildlings that button it up 9-5 when they need to conform to the Norman. (A NH Fed. Bankruptcy judge got in a fender bender when he was in town.He got in some trouble, 'cuz he'd had wine and it was messing him up trying to drive in heels and a tight skirt. Word got around he was going to resign, calls came in "Don't worry, we all have hobbies, call a cab next time! And don't put on heels, or fancy boots, 'til you get to the club. Now get back here, we need a Judge" Now, that part over around the Incels and gun fetishists could be nasty. The Organic Venison Chefs are trying to get a protective order, or a fake address.
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