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Member since: Fri Jun 20, 2008, 10:38 AM
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Kindness. Decency. Fairness, Thrift, RESPECT

These should be the guiding principles of out Party! Not that they aren't, but 1) it can be kind of hard to tell, B) Folks need to be reminded, often!

And, in these trying times, it is critical to note, that an antipathy to kindness and decency is at the heart of "modern""movement""Ayn Rand" conservatism. It's all Trump has ever known, it certainly shows.

Sexual harassment/assault/ bullying, Victim blaming, Stiffing vendors, cutting insurance and benefits, financial crimes - they all stem from the same sources, in the dark well of the soul. And they are only justifiable if you ignore principles, if favor of greed.

The aristocracy is pissed!

Yes, we have a ruling class! They despise Roosevelt above all, because he called "the moneyed interests" out for what they were. A little knowledge of history and economics shows us WHO.

In some respects, the Civil War was an attempt by the Barbadians (The "planters" who moved into the Carolinas from Barbados, many with links to the English aristocracy) and their successors and peers. They held slaves by divine (birth)right, and believed that they held absolute, life and death power on property they"owned". The Stand Your Ground ethos comes from this.

In the North, the largely WASP economic elite - robber barons, bankers, industrialists - took it upon themselves to act like aristocracy. It's easy to put names to this bunch. Certainly Prescott Bush, the DuPonts, and the Koch family were members. The Dulles brothers were the ultimate product of this system, Richard Nixon is an example of the sort of men they recruited to their cause.

Buchanan, Reagan, and the "Dixiecrats" are examples of the "useful idiots" they employed, coerced, or used like rented livestock if they appeared (Fr. Coughlin, Joe McCarthy) spontaneously.

The gold standard!

Optician results "provisional"! Certified results by hand count, sealed and guarded ballot boxes, totals posted by/at each precinct. National vote totals independently auditable. Re register all voters during next census, provide national voter ID for anyone without state ID.
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