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Member since: Fri Jun 20, 2008, 10:38 AM
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Proofing and constructive comments welcome! ( Defining "projection")

This should probably be in GD, but I'd like some wiser eyes than mine on it, before I broadband it.

Projection! It's a thing...
When "A" politician has stepped in it,
They must, at TOP SPEED, accuse politician "B"of the same, but worse, plus sex with a baby goat. If your memory is longer then Donnie's "ahem", and you have any ability to verify facts, this is painfully easy to see through.
Sadly, it works ace on true believers! One of the best signs of a believer, is their perception that questioning what they represent as fact is a personal attack, and that the attack should be sufficient to end debate. "Cognitive Dissonance" is a popular phrase for aspects of this phenomenon.
To someone used to verifying and qualifying information, this looks childish at best,and evil at worst. And, the problem is exacerbated by education that seeks to produce loyal, obedient children, and shunt skeptical, inquisitive "troublemakers" aside. Formal logic and critical thinking are tools of several of my trades, as is the science of metrology. It is only logical for me to consider true believers as naive and poorly educated.
Belief needs verification to become fact. That's how it works. Loudly asserting the belief, in absence of fact, and in conjunction with a personal attack, generally means the belief is largely invalid.
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