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The disease is spreading, produces "defective humans"

William Pierce, late (supremacist) leader of the National Socialists, founder of Resistance Records, told a trusted leiutenant that there were too many "defective humans" in the movement. The stooge (Erich Glebe) blabbed it, of course, proving that a)there werre plenty of defectives to get offended b) his turning out to be a pedophile was more inevitable than ironic.
Supremacy, and the skeezy end of policing, seem to be where these jeeters wash up - or maybe it's where they have more oprutunity to really hurt someone and "be somebody".
An upstate New York man who blew his leg off in his garage making improvised explosive devices will be held in federal custody without bail because law enforcement found white supremacist paraphernalia and believe he’s dangerous, WGRZ reports.

Michael O’Neill, 45, a former Niagara County corrections officer, is accused of making seven bombs and was arrested two weeks ago after one of the devices accidentally went off. O’Neill was rushed to a hospital where his leg had to be amputated. He was the only one injured, WGRZ reports.

“Luckily, he is detained,” Assistant U.S. Attorney John Alsup told Time Warner Cable News. “He is no longer at large in the community, he only hurt himself.” Pictures of the KKK, Nazi imagery and the Confederate flag were found inside his home, which he lives in with his stepfather, William Ross, who chairs the Niagara County Legislature, WGRZ reports.

Even with his leg now missing, prosecutors believed it would be too risky for the public if O’Neill was released from custody

So another angry, obsessed loner goes off. The last couple of potential mass killings in the press were misfires, thank your deity, but how many of us have met a potential "defective"? And said to yourself, "I'm gonna be hearin' about this one...."
I would be particularly interested in H2Oman's opinion, given the recent and ongoing tragedy in his family, and the number of spooky paralells with perpetrators.
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