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Mediaite: Breitbart writer begs Libertarians to vote for Romney. Ain't gonna happen...

In a two-part column over at Breitbart’s Big Government, Kurt Schlichter practically begs libertarians to “support our Constitution” and vote for Mitt Romney this November in order to avoid not only the “destruction of this country” by way of a second Obama term, but also to avoid the destruction of libertarianism by way of the Libertarian Party becoming a pariah.

The begging will not work, especially when it comes with the usual platitudinous overtures to America and the Constitution being at stake; and the suggestion that not supporting Romney is to selfishly disregard of the Constitution in the name of ideology. No matter how you dice the logic, a committed Republican accusing libertarians of not supporting the Constitution is nothing short of laughable.

Why should they vote for Romney? They got their own candidate, AND Romney's dumbass RNC squad slammed their hopes shut and they left the party! I say to the Libertarians "haven't you had enough of being slapped in the face by these guys?"

Will the Libertarians and those conservatives angry with Romney be enough of a factor in the election? Will they be compared to Nader and the (stolen) election in 2000?

Convention things and trends you have noticed so far *thread*

One big thing I have noticed so far is that the speakers and videos talk about the candidate MORE and the opposition candidate in smaller amounts. Compare this to the Republican Convention in which they spent most of the time harping on Obama and very little time talking up their candidate and less time talking about their own policies.
This may change as the week goes on but I doubt it's gonna be a "Romney bash" event.

What things have you, fellow DUers, have noticed?
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