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Let's Play- Outrage Roulette! Round 5!

What do you think the Right Wing machine will be mad about this week? To be considered an "outrage" the issue must result in
1. Conservative media being mad about something
2. Presidential candidates talk about it
3. Democrats must talk about it, debunk it, or laugh at conservatives for bringing the issue up.
4. The media must go bananas over it.
Once again, write down the topic and the number of Crazy Credits or CC for short you want to assign as a bet.
Last week we had the Hillary Rosen issue, the Catholic League issue, and the Oil drilling issue. What will they be mad about this week?

For example: I bet on Bill Maher making a joke about...Catholics... for 10CC. He's been in the news a lot lately and the Repub outrage machine is all over the place these days. I really didn't expect them to go after Trayvon Martin supporters.

Place your bets!

New Evidence of Advanced Preparations for DPRK Rocket Launch: 38 North Exclusive

Source: 38 North

Satellite photography of the Sohae Satellite Launching Station (Tongchang-dong Space Launch Center) reveals that North Korea has undertaken more extensive preparations for its planned April rocket launch than previously understood.

38 North has now identified a mobile radar trailer, not previously present, essential for a launch. A March 28 satellite picture of the entire site appears to show a trailer with a dish antenna—probably a radar tracking system—mounted on top of a ridge mid-way between the launch pad and the rocket engine test stand. It is located at the end of a new dirt road that runs generally west from the entrance.

Read more: http://38north.org/2012/04/tongchang0401/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+38North+%2838+North%3A+Informed+Analysis+of+North+Korea%29

Link contains recent satellite photos of the suspected launch site, with detailed analysis.

It looks like the North doesn't want that food aid after all. They just want to show off and get their pretty missile blown out of the sky by the Japanese military.

They must think President Obama is bluffing.
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