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Let's Play- Outrage Roulette! Round 3!

I don't know about you guys, but I didn't think the outrage machine would swing towards Rush Limbaugh of all people.

No direct winners last week, but we do have a side bet winner. BigDemVoter, you win the "red or black" bet since the outrage is mostly related to birth control. That is a 1 to 1 bet, you win 25CC, giving you 50CC.

So, the betting board is clean. Place your bets!
What do you think the Right Wing machine will be mad about this week? To be considered an "outrage" the issue must result in
1. Conservative media being mad about something
2. Presidential candidates talk about it
3. Democrats must talk about it, debunk it, or laugh at conservatives for bringing the issue up.
4. The media must go bananas over it.
Once again, write down the topic and the number of Crazy Credits or CC for short you want to assign as a bet.

For example: I bet on Mexicans for 50CC. It's been a while since they attacked Mexicans.

Place your bets!
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