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Trump intends to assert Executive Privilege in areas where he waived it

Source: Robert Costa, the Rachel Maddow Show 4/23/19

Costa was called by Trump this evening, who told him that he (Trump) intends to assert Executive Privilege to prevent administration figures like Don McGhan from testifying to Congress about issues already made public in the Mueller Report. Trump believe his theory of Dxecutive Privilege should be tested by courts.

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Trump's strategy for dealing with Congressional investigations and subpoenas is now crystal clear. He will refuse to let anyone with direct knowledge of any of the issues discovered in the Mueller Report from giving testimony to Congress by asserting frivilous claims of Executive privilege. His goal is to force all these issues into the Federal Courts where they can slowly strangled to death until at least after the 2020 election is past. In light of this tactic if we don't begin impeachment proceedings immediately we will be played for absolute fools by the Disgrace in the White Ho ofuse.
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