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Colgate 64

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Member since: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 02:38 PM
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Need some tech help re Microsoft Office

I'm using an older version of Microsoft Office and have never had a problem before. However, while I was trying to do something else I obviously screwed it up. Now, the default blank sheet (when you start a new document) has content from a prior document I sent some time ago. I've done everything I can think of to 'erase' it, delete it, whatever but it's still there. The worst part is if I go to print anything the first page that prints is the screwed=up default page.

Any suggestions as to how to clear my default blank page will be most gratefully received!!!!!!

Let's cut to the chase - what these Republican bastards in the

Trump administration have decided on is simply a policy of not answering questions posed by any Congressional oversight committee that they don't want to. They have gotten together and figured out that "if you don't answer, what can they do you?". Sessions was the clearest purveyor of this cynicism today and, unfortunately, it seems that they have got it right. Democrats are neutered in all three branches of the government today and Trump's tactic of pushing way beyond any established lines or limits seems to be being enthusiastically adopted by the Rethugs. I don't know what the answer is - the courts might be able to eventually provide some redress but 1) with the Rethug monopoly on power the probability of it ever getting to the courts for some decision is remote and 2) there's nothing to indicate that the Trumpian response to a court's finding might not be "Let them try and enforce it. What can they do"? And I am afraid that there is no apparent good answer to that question.
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