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Colgate 64

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Member since: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 02:38 PM
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Mrs. Greenspan on MSNBC now, rolling her eyes and

making faces when Hillary is mentioned advancing her theory about how many Bernie voters may move to Trump. Kasie Hunt seconding her (hey, notice me) telling how 'she's talked to lots of millenials' at Bernie rallies and they tell her that they may vote 'for Bernie or maybe for Trump'. Upchuck Toad closed out the 'panel' discussion explaining why millenials may vote for Trump: because 'you know, he's going to shake things up', 'you know, turn the table over'.

Where did they get these people?


The following was just posted in DU. For your reading pleasure - and amusement: (I personally love the part about WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS>

...Bernie hasn't lost yet; however, Hillary and her supporters are already gloating over the crushing of Bernie's Political Revolution. That can't be allowed to happen! There are plans for a massive march on the Democratic Convention in support of Bernie Sanders and his agenda. There's a Facebook page for the March and two event pages:

March on the Democratic National Convention
Bernie Supporters March on Philadelphia - Democratic National Convention

The first already has 2.2K people who've signed up as 'going' and 6.8K who've indicated that they're 'interested.' (I

Come out to Philadelphia and join us as we march on the Democratic National Convention this July! This march is in protest to the highly biased and unfair treatment, demonstrated by the DNC, towards presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. It has been blatantly clear that the DNC has tried to tip the scales during this election, and has NOT represented the will of the citizens. We have to make our voices heard. WE WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS! This march is also designed to put pressure on the superdelegates to cast their vote in accordance with their constituents. We must unite together, because that is what this campaign is about, not dividing us apart.

Why in the name of God does Lawrence O'Donnell

insist on having the RW asshole Hugh Hewitt on as 'expert' on the reasons Hillary won't be able to beat Trump. Was Limpbaugh unavailable? I don't get MSNBC.

OMFG, Rachel on now, giddy

as a schoolgirl because 17,000 people have said on Facebook that they're going to show up for Bernie's rally at Washington Sq, in New York City tomorrow. To quote Rachel "Something's up - watch this space". She did feel compelled however to at least admit that when Obaman in 2008 he rallied 24,000 at the same place - and then proceeded to lose the NYState Primary. As she grudgingly had to recognize, "rallys aren't votes".

Apparently he MSM (and MSNBC in particular) feels that they have to keep pushing "this is a horserace", come hell or high water until they've squeezed the last possible viewer out of the programming, facts be damned. I for one will be thrilled when April 19 comes and goes and even the most diehard Bernie fan will have to recognize that Hillary will be our candidate for President.
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