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Colgate 64

Colgate 64's Journal
Colgate 64's Journal
December 21, 2012

Obama will ride to the rescue - for the Republicans

Cenk Ugyur in today's Huffington Post makes an excellent case for what he believes Obama's motivations driving his actions are re the present negotiations:


There is only one person who can rescue the Republican Party now -- Barack Obama. And he will. I have been saying for over two years now that President Obama is dying to do the Grand Bargain. He will do it at any cost. In fact, he actively wants to cut Social Security and Medicare. He can't wait for that pat on the back from the establishment when they finally call him post-partisan, above party politics, and a statesman for screwing over his own voters. This is by far his greatest wish.

I couldn't believe that people couldn't believe that President Obama offered to cut Social Security again in this round of negotiations. What are you still surprised at? The man has offered to cut these so-called entitlements every time. When are you going to get it through your head -- he wants to cut them!

Ok, I'm raining on everyone's parade here because this is the moment when the partisans are supposed to be reveling in Republican failure. The Republican Party is split and in tatters. Yes, but to what end? In order for that to be relevant, the Democrats would now have to offer a very different deal where the terms are changed in our favor. If they do and they get a deal where taxes are actually raised on people making above $250,000 and Social Security and Medicare are protected, then I will be dead wrong. I will be wrong now and I will have been wrong for all of these years. You can rub my face in it. And since the Democratic partisans are now feeling triumphant, get that crow ready for me to eat.

But it's not going to happen. I'm telling you this even in the Republican Party's darkest hour, the president will still give them most of what they want. My guess is that liberals will be stunned at the concessions President Obama makes even when he had the Republicans in a corner and totally defeated. Here's what you have to understand -- it's because he doesn't want to "win." Winning is different for him than it is for me and you. To us, winning is passing progressive priorities. To him, it's passing a deal where he seems like he is above party politics. In order to do that, he must cut entitlements (and corporate taxes, too, by the way)."

November 20, 2012

Freeper dissonative cognazince on parade

Commenting on their idol Allen West's concession, this gem appeared among all the screeches for "West/Palin 2016" and other equally fatuous idiocies. But it does give some interesting insight as to how they perceive their world and why there's no way of ever intellectually engaging them (emphasis added):

To: WVKayaker

My "dream Team" would have Sarah as Prez (more exec experience), and West as VP! Both would shake up the libs, BIGTIME!
That's not going to happen as long as they have MSNBC and we have nothing to counter it.


Let's see a 24/7 TV news network version of CNS or Breitbart first, then maybe we'll have a chance.

We need a right wing news network to take the leftist pressure off fair and balanced, center Fox News.

No question about it. These fuckers are geniunely, 100% certified bat-shit crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 12, 2012

There's really no cure for Fux News

These bastards are incorrigible. They lie with the same facility with which they draw each breath. Was just watching their Sunday 'news' program, when the anchor titled the next segment 'Hurrican Sandy victims. President Obama says "no red tape" but victims are drowning in it". So, intrigued, I watched the next 'news' segment, complete with the interchangable blonde bimbette 'reporter' snazzily decked out in the appropriate ;Fux News' hurricane outfit. The entire segment was a prolonged bitch session about how many people on Long Island haven't gotten power back on soon enough to suit them (although it appears that more than 95% have power restored and the power company has 4600 people working each day, as opposed to 200 on a normal day). But in all the harangue, not a single word about the "red tape" the President had sworn wasn't going to happen.

What's the take-away of this type of 'reporting'? "The President hasn't kept his word about there being no red tape with disaster relief. I heard it last night on Fux News".

How can we ever hope to deal with a cancer in the news reporting in this country where outright lies and falsifications are the 24/7 reality?

November 7, 2012


They are still at the 'Denial' stage of the five step process for dealing with grief:

Wednesday, November 07, 2012 3:24:48 PM · by Kevin in California
11-07-12 | Me

Something just doesn't add up about this whole election. One side of me is telling me that the election was legit while the other is telling me that election fraud is deeper than you and I may envision. It just seems out out the realm of possibilty that all the key states went in O's favor and not by big margins. Just enough to put him over the top. Coincidence or very well calculated? Again, not a sore loser but something just doesn't add up and it's been gnawing at me all day.

November 7, 2012


We will never be able to repay the courage of the unknown hero, he or she who potentially risked his/her employment in order to capture RMoney's famous 47% speech to his wealthy contributors. In a race as close as this one, I for one have no doubt that this one act of courage may have well been the one thing to bring home to the low-information voters and the apathetic public at large the REAL Mitt Romney. His own words validated in a way no others could our contention that the 'public Romney' was a fiction, an entirely different person than the 'real Romney'. Thanks to that video, people could see the real Romney with their own eyes and ears, and began to believe what we had been saying about him for months. Hats off to that great person, whoever you are!

November 7, 2012



Wednesday, November 07, 2012 7:42:42 AM · by · 40 replies
11-7-12 | Me

In protest: • I will NOT be spending any money which I absolutely DO NOT have to. Let this ass hat turn the economy around WITHOUT MY money and largesse • I have no confidence in him or his abilities, so I will sit on any plans I had to make large and unnecessary expenditures… Example: No remodeling in the kitchen, etc. • I will be the turtle who is going to crawl into my shell and wait out the storm. • I will carry on and increase, if possible, my ‘cultural dissidence’ by withholding MY disposable dollars… I will...

WOW! I guess THAT'LL show them, huh?

November 7, 2012


You just can't make this shit up. Taken from the septic tank a/k/a FreeRethuglic right now:

Wednesday, November 07, 2012 9:10:12 AM · by · 2 replies
11/07/12 | me

Revenge is theirs, they have control, they are in charge... they have wrested America away from us like a bully yanking a child's belongings out of his hands. We are the new minority but without minority status. They will remake America into their own liking, make constitutionalism a relic of the past. Our only power is to stand in resistance and thwart their aims, we will not give them an inch. We are Republican no more, we side with no party... we go underground now. We are the new minority, let us now become the New Resistance... we don't reach...

Like a bully yanking a child's belongings out of his hand. Wonderful! They are truly child-like in their belief that, polls and votes notwithstanding, their hero RMoney was going to pull it out and establish Jerusalem on the Potomac for them.

So, in the spirit of generosity and brotherly conciliation, I would like to say


November 5, 2012

Another 'tell' of Rethuglican panic

Just saw the latest of Rove's despicable 'Crossroads America's ads targeted to Latinos on Univision News (the largest Spanish language TV channel) tonight. It's the standard spiel with a Hispanic lady bitching about how Obama has been so mean to the indocumented immigrants that he actually deported some of them - Horrors! - but the best comes at the end. There's no plea to 'Vote for Mitt Rmoney'. In fact Rmoney and the Rethuglican party aren't mentioned at all. Instead, the money shot is the legend (in Spanish) "DON'T VOTE FOR OBAMA"

Shows real confidence in their candidate, don't you agree? The best that Rove and his fellow sewer rats can try to hope for is that they can get some Latino voters to not vote at all. Now, if that's not a winning message I don't know what is

October 4, 2012

Tonight could have been Rmoney's death knell

With the latest polling data, many of Rmoney's big money donors were quietly looking for the exit and potentially getting ready to stitch sides in order to be with the winner. Slimebags like Rove were beginning to shift monies away from Rmoney and put them instead in down-ticket elections for Senate and House. A good performance by the President might well have been the final touch to push all of them and make Rmoney's Presidential bid a dead item. But I fear that with the President's lackluster performance tonite, particularly when combined with his inability to challenge Rmoney on the myriad of lies he spouted are going to breathe a whole new life into the Rmoney campaign. The end result may well be an election a hell of a lot more in doubt than it should have been and that's a damn shame. I don't know why the President is unable to show more balls in confrontation with Rethuglicans. It's a trait which has in large part ruined much of his first term and may in the final analisys cost him his second term.

October 2, 2012

God, Chuck Toad is a loathsome little

woodchuck of a TV commentator. Watching Hardball and heard him pontificate on why Obama is only ahead because he got 3 or 4 'lucky breaks' during the course of the campaign until now, and how we can expect miracles from Rmoney because he's a 'seasoned debater who does well coming from behind in debates'. Do they really have to keep uttering this shit to keep the 'this is still a horserace' meme going?

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