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Colgate 64

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Member since: Tue Jun 17, 2008, 02:38 PM
Number of posts: 14,732

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Super Snap!

Neal Katyal on Lawrence O'Donnell just now - "Trump is the first President to get Unemployment Benefits".
That's gonna leave a mark.

Incredible costs for a prescription biologic

My wife has suffered from Chrons Disease for ten years. In the past it was more or less controlled by infusions of Remicade but last year the Remicade failed to work, so her Gastroenterologist prescribed a different Biologic, STELARA. Unfortunately Stelara has a retail cost of more than $21,000.00 a dose and, in her case, must be administered once a month. There is no copay assistance for any patients who have Medicare. The cost of these products is both ridiculous and abusive. However given the present administration I have absolutely zero hope that anything will be done to address this. Wish we were Canadians.

One thing I didn't get clear about Rubio's

"questioning" of Pompeo this morning

Did Rubio?

Need help with an annoying glitch with my online DU

For some reason (I suspect I must have hit the wrong key or combination of keys when I was fooling around with something else) now when I open postings on DU there is a blank space of about 10-15 lines between the end of the post and where the responses begin. It's certainly not a crucial error but it's fairly annoying and, with my more than limited expertise in PC's I have up to now been unable to correct it.

Any suggestions from a kind DU'er as to how to get rid of this and get back to normal? I'm working on a Dell notebook running Windows 10 and using Chrome as my browser. Any suggestions will be tremendously appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!

Tech-savy DU'ers, need a little help

I access DU through my Chrome browser on a Dell Inspiron PC running Windows 10. From time to time when I log into DU and try to read the posts a large gap appears between the end of the post and where comments/responses start. I'm assuming that I inadvertently pushed something or hit the wrong key for this to happen. Any suggestions as to how to get rid of this annoyance? Many thanks in advance!!

Once again, thank you to all the great DUer's who

were kind enough to give me hearts. I am not sure that they were at all deserved but they are surely and deeply appreciated. Thank you to all.


I'm not sure it is deserved but it is certainly very much appreciated! Thank you!

Is Tweety half in the bag tonight???

Watching him slur and stumble over words, names, etc. he looks like he's a couple of sheets to the wind.

More deliciously bitter tears from Freeperville


The marxist news media, marxists/democrats and Soros did a coup . They framed an INNOCENT man .
Soros outspent Moore 14/1 .Arrest Soros now!
Thy fooled Alabama into electing a communist

This makes know sense. Trump won Alabama with 62%. Every Alabamian knows the yearbook was forged. And Trump endorsed Moore. Something doesn't smell right.

Believe me. I hate feeling that way cause in general I strongly support universal suffrage. But dang how many times has the so called women’s vote meant disaster for principles both fiscally and morally sound? I admit in days of yore when the female libido did not seem to govern women’s public policy decisions to such an extent the women’s vote was a positive thing. But now,when it is all about feeeelings and their hooha rights. I despair of women and ballots.

Trump should federalize the Alabama National Guard and send in some Marines to guard the ballot boxes. Martial law until this is figured out, that’s the only way.
50,000 missing Moore votes from Jefferson county

I've also seen reports of massive voter fraud.
Plus in Alabama blacks are 25% and i don't know how many hispanics or other immigrants or minorities.
All these minorities and immigrants have bought the media lie that Republicans are racists so Alabama was starting off with I estimate at least a 30% handicap.
This is the problem the democrats and media have been importing immigrants ,hispanics, muslims and other minorities by the 10s of millions who all vote for democrats/socialism

What kind of a Christian voter would stay home and a baby killer to the senate to represent them for the next three years? It boggles the imagination. And I guarantee you massive election fraud was involved. And I guarantee that there’s a recount. Not a one of the military absentee ballots have came in yet. 95% will go to Moore,

This is the mentality we're up against in Alabama

12/2/2017, 7:27:21 AM · by x1stcav · 26 replies
World Net Daily | 12/1/17 | Scott Morefield
If you’re an Alabama voter to the right of Bill Ayers with a desire to do what’s right by your state and the rest of the country, the choice between Republican Roy Moore and Democrat Doug Jones is an easy one. You vote for Roy Moore, walk out of that polling place with your head held high – and then sleep like a baby that night. But but but, you ask, what about all the accusations against Moore? Here’s your answer – I don’t care, and neither should you.
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